The Great Dilemma

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"Occasionally someone arises and says, 'I see something new. I see where we are going. I see this opportunity. I see this danger.' And he or she tries to alert people around them, but people are dead to it. They do not see it, they do not feel it, they do not relate to it and they do not want it. And the person who sees is so frustrated. “I see this. It is here.” But people are dead to it. Every person who has ever made a new discovery or has ever made any breakthrough in any area of life--whether in science, art, religion, politics or sociology--has faced this dead response in others, this inability to see and to know, this resistance to new experience and this reference to the past and to old evaluations. Those who have been innovators, contributors and ground breakers in any arena have faced this. And it has been very painful. They have met with ambivalence, indifference or resistance. This is the great dilemma of humanity."[1]


  1. Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 13: What Must Be Unlearned?

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