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Reed Summers on going deep with self-knowledge, Campfire Chat, second hour, July 10, 2021: "I would say that after a point we must move beyond the deeper issues and impediments within, to break the identification we have with them and go somewhere truly new in our life that has nothing to do with them at all. This means letting go, releasing our grip on those problems, tendencies, aspects of self we yearn to release, a grip which can be tightened unintentionally by trying to go too far with this deeper work, which itself can stem from a will to control or change ourselves in unnatural ways. Doing this deeper work is so important however—uncovering what is in us and behind our intentions, understanding what drives us in life and exists behind our words, actions and behavior – enough to know what is there and establish a reference point from which we can see these things but not identify with them, and then to start making choices about which voice to follow, which motivation to act upon, and ultimately opening to a new experience of life and of Knowledge, finding new road, new work, a whole new focus in life which is not rooted in this conditioned self but which is connected to a whole other sense of self, thus we eclipse a smaller self and all its limitations and can expand into something greater." (Go to Wisdom from the Campfire Chat, Select All under Campfire Chat Quotes:REED and search for the date 7/10/2021)