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Purposes of the New Message
To alert, strengthen and prepare humanity for the Great Waves of Change
To alert, strengthen and prepare humanity for its encounter with the Greater Community of intelligent life
To bring to the world the understanding of religion and spirituality at the level of Knowledge
To bring into the world Wisdom from the Greater Community and the understanding of a Greater Community Spirituality
To provide a Revelation about humanity's future and destiny both within this world and within the Greater Community of intelligent life
Characteristics of New Messages
Always given to one person, with others called to assist and to disseminate
Very infrequent, perhaps once in a millenium, at great turning points in humanity's evolution
Rarely welcomed at the outset, often greatly misunderstood
Vitally important
Given and received in pure form
Accompanied by a widespread sense of imminent and great challenge and opportunity
Fraught with difficulty: resistance, judgment, condemnation, confusion and denial
Requiring transcendance of personal interests and preoccupations
Speaking to the one truth at the core of all world religions, the reality of our spiritual nature
The Calling of The New Message
To follow the greater spiritual intelligence at the very heart and soul of one's Being
To recognize reality and to build the foundation for a new reality
To take responsibility for one's own role
To cooperate as one human race, to overcome longstanding conflicts
To distinguish between natural, cautionary fear and imaginary, counterproductive fear
To preserve human freedom and to establish ourselves in the Universe as a free and independent race
To find fulfillment in contribution rather than consumption
To restore the natural environment
The Content of The New Message
Emergence into The Greater Community
The Intervention
Allies of Humanity
The Way of Knowledge
The importance of the preservation of the physical environment to human freedom
The assistance of unseen spiritual powers
The Four Pillars (relationships, work, health and spiritual development)
Human development through dependence and independence to interdependence
Great urgency, the acceleration of forces already in place

"The Mission of the Message" (February 23, 2014