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"The Angelic Presence wants the world to know that one of their kind is in the world, sent here to receive God's New Revelation for humanity." [1]

Notes from 2014 Messenger's Vigil for Outline/topics/other pages

Our relationship with the Messenger
Our relationship with him is important
We do not realize its importance
He must be seen correctly.
He must be seen from the soul and from the heart.
He must be heard.
The nature of the Revelation must be understood sufficiently so that we can understand the great opportunity that it is giving to us and to the world.
It will be centuries before another Messenger is sent.
This is it
This is the One.
This is the real message for the world for this time and for the times to come.


"We're witnessing a miracle. We're able for the first time to witness and to experience as immediately as we're able, the process of Revelation as it is happening ... to hear the actual Voice of Revelation speak." [3]

"Forty years it would take to do all of this. Forty years of being available, of treading the wilderness without a certain outcome, without realizing the significance of his endeavor. Forty years without other serious obligations beyond his family. Forty years to develop the trust and the confidence and the allegiance and the integrity that would be needed to become the Messenger." [4]

"He carries the message within him like a fire. It burns but it warms the soul and illuminates the landscape. The fire of Knowledge within the Mesenger is unlike any fire in the world. It is so powerful even he can barely stand if for long periods of time." [5]

"Do not worship the Messenger. He is not a God or the Son of God. The message is more important than the Messenger. The message is everything." [6]

"The Angelic Presence wants the world to know that one of their kind is in the world, sent here to receive God's new Revelation for humanity." [7]

His origin is beyond this world, with the Angelic Assembly (with hints of GC origins). To consider this origin is a glimpse into the greater reality the NM speaks of. Marshall is the evidence of the New Message. His presence in the world has opened a window through the dense Separation into the reality and experience of God.[8]