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Other occasions for "sacred," not "sacred rendezvous" nor "sacred texts/writings."

The Allies of Humanity Book One, First Briefing: "Your visitors can project images—images of your saints, of your teachers, of angels—images that are held dear and sacred within your world."

The Allies of Humanity Book One, Fifth Briefing: "Humanity has lived in relative isolation for so long that it is natural for you to consider that the rest of the universe functions according to the ideas, principles and science that you hold sacred and upon which you base your activities and your perceptions of the world."

The Allies of Humanity Book One, Final Words: "Because we were assisted, we must now assist others. That is our sacred covenant. It is to this that we are firmly committed."

The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Second Briefing: "For millennia your world has been a safe haven for the storage of sacred and powerful items"

The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Third Briefing: "what will they offer humanity? They will offer humanity some of their basic technology, certainly nothing that they consider to be advanced, unique, secret or sacred to them—basic propulsion in space, basic use of electronic energy, methodologies of production."

Life in the Universe, Chapter 9: Religion in the Greater Community: "The practice in The Way of Knowledge has been suppressed and even crushed in many large and powerful nations. Those who practice this essential spiritual focus must do so in great secrecy, functioning in deep networks of practitioners and even communicating with other practitioners in other worlds whenever that is possible. Sacred texts are smuggled to other nations.

The Great Threshold (February 2, 2011)

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 1: The Great Waves of Change: "Only this deeper Knowledge, this sacred Knowledge, will know how to navigate the difficult times ahead."

Preparing for the Great Waves of Change (July 27, 2007)