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in Google Docs
in a notebook, leaving plenty of room on each page for subsequent journeys through the Steps
Write down thoughts and feelings.
Create a chart or wheel of thoughts and feelings.
Line by line, pose questions, contemplate them. List what comes to mind.
Read a related chapter from the Wisdom from the Greater Community or Greater Community Spirituality or Relationships & Higher Purpose or other title from the New Knowledge Library.
Look for directives. Look for results of dollowing directives.
Look for prescriptions or remedies for situations.
evening review
opportunities taken or missed
deep reading
What does this mean to me?
What does this mean for others I know?
What does this mean for the world?

Weekly Steps Review

consider the experience of the Step anew
what are they offering
what are they telling
how much they are freeing you from all that would belittle and hurt you.
--Steps to Knowledge Continuation Series, Step 77

I write in my journal, on my first approach through the steps, What is being asked? and What is being given?

Weekly Four Pillar Review

hearing Knowledge speak
answers don't always come right away
discernment between mind and Knowledge not always clear
tracking actions and results
at the end of the day, was a pillar neglected?
during weekly review, have pen and paper on hand
pencil in an action plan on calendar
throughout the day, monitor self-talk: write down what you tell yourself
balancing development among all 4 Pillars
when one Pillar needs a lot of attention
when one Pillar is highly preferred