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The Messengers

“My background is really more as a minister. I left my work as a Special Ed teacher for the blind almost 40 years ago, began to teach Inner Guidance, had a personal Revelation in 1982, which confronted with me with a Voice that had been counseling me both in my Inner Guidance work and as a special educator. And that had a tremendous impact on altering the course of my life, and since then I have been receiving a vast body of teaching and insight, commentary called The New Message for Humanity.” [1]

The Messenger "is not here to give you what you want. He may not even give you what you think you need in the moment. But he is giving you the pathway to your own personal revelation, to your restoration and your redemption. And he is bringing it to you in the clearest possible terms.” [2]

“The mission of the Messenger is to bring the Revelation into the world, to find its first respondents, to give them the opportunity to engage with the Revelation and to come to terms with their own deeper nature and calling in life. That is why a great deal of the Teaching has been given, to pave the way for personal revelation for those who can receive it, adapt to it and apply it in their lives successfully.” [3]

“But Muhammad did not compile the Qur’an as he was charged to do, for he perished and died before it could be completed. It was, therefore, assembled by different individuals who had different intentions, and the great Suras of personal Revelation were left out. Islam became a religion of obedience and submission, which were necessary at that time especially. But the Revelations of personal realization and the love of God were not included.” [4]

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