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"Even if you have a great position and have acquired wealth and stature in society, the empty nature of your life will be pervasive unless you have found your greater work and are doing it to the best of your ability. Those who do this experience a satisfaction and a sense of value and power that is lost to everyone else, no matter what they proclaim for themselves." [1]

“What is success? Success is the ability to experience and express the greater purpose that has brought you into the world, a greater purpose that will require strong relationships, a greater purpose that will require that you are stable and that you can adapt to changing circumstances in the world, a greater purpose that will require that you have a deep connection to the greater Knowledge that God has placed within you, to guide you and to protect you and to lead you to your greater life."[2]

“That really is success, in a greater sense, in a greater way. It is not just success in terms of what your culture values or in what your family thinks is significant. It is success in terms of your real nature and the Creator of all life, who has sent you into the world to give special gifts to a world in need." [2]

"To be observant and alert is a profound state. It is very rare. It is so easy for the alert person to be successful in life because there are so few alert people. Alert means you are not preoccupied with yourself. You are observing things around you objectively without attempting to define things or judge things." [3]


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