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"Why is the truth important for people to know? Because it is the source of purpose, meaning and direction in life."[1]


"Do not look to the world and say,'Give me purpose, meaning and direction.' It is you who must give these to the world because the world is asking this of you.The world is asking you,“Give me purpose, meaning and direction.”There is a great gulf between these two approaches.You are not the source of truth, but you are possibly a vehicle for its full expression."[1]

The Source of Confusion

"Separation is the source of all your pain and confusion of mind."[2]

"Knowledge unused is a terrible burden. It is the source of everyone’s neurosis."[3]

"Your life is a message, but it is concealed from you and from others as well.This is the source of all of your anxiety and discomfort within yourself. No matter how you may identify your problems, no matter what aggravates you on the outside, this is the source of your discomfort: You are not being your True Self."[4]

The Source of Personal Authority

"People think Knowledge is weak. It is just a feeling; it is just a thought. But it represents the core of your strength, the power of your integrity and the source of your true discernment. Lose this and no matter how strong you think you are, no matter how controlling you try to be, you will be easily persuaded and have already been easily persuaded."[5]

"To come into the proximity of Knowledge means that you become more and more like Knowledge itself—more whole, more consistent, more honest, more devoted, more concentrated, more selfdisciplined, more compassionate and more self-loving. All of these qualities are developed as you approach that which is the source of these qualities."[6]

"Students of Knowledge who are in the process of reclaiming Knowledge realize over time that it is the only thing of value because it is the source of their true relationships. It is their source of inspiration and the source of their sense of purpose, direction and well-being. It is a gift that gives continuously." [7]

"There are junctures in your life where true change becomes not only possible but necessary. These are the great opportunities. You are not the source of this change.That is very important to understand. It is the result of your own deeper will and the Greater Will of all life working together. In other words, it is the result of the truth.There is no individual truth and no one can have a total understanding of the truth—only a partial and perhaps momentary understanding.There is something greater that is bringing about this change within you.You are responding. And if you can respond, then others will respond to you.You will spark something in others as well.That is why when any individual begins to truly experience Knowledge and to follow each step towards Knowledge, others will begin to be motivated in the same way. Here you begin to teach as a natural part of your life."[8]

"Yet, there is also change that you yourself must be the source of and for which you must take responsibility. If you want to progress and to achieve important things in life and if you want to grow and to develop, you must take responsibility for conducting yourself according to the true requirements of life as you recognize them.This also means taking responsibility for instigating change with other people. In other words, at times you’ll need to change the situation."[9]

"Everyone here must become a leader of his or her life, but one thing important about a leader is that a leader is a follower.You are not the source of leadership.You can only express it as it emerges in your own life. Either the Creator is guiding you in your leadership or something else is guiding you—anger, desire for power, grief or vengeance.They provide leadership too. All leaders must serve something. Be it God or be it their own ideas or ambition, they are serving something.They are not the source of their own leadership."[9]

The Source of the Revelation

"Only God can be the source of a revelation about life in the universe. Who else but God could speak about what religion means in its thousands and millions of expressions, in countless societies, at different ends of the universe? Not even the most advanced society in space could have direct knowledge of these things." [10]

The Source of All Life

"The Plan for the universe is to reclaim the separated through Knowledge and, through these individuals, to provide unique forms of contribution for the well-being and the advancement of their races. Here progress is made in terms of the realization of Knowledge, ending the separation between those who are in the physical universe and the Source of all life and, at the same time, providing meaningful and essential contribution to science, philosophy, literature, ethics and so forth."[11]

The Paradox of the Separated Existence

"If you say that God lives in the heavenly realm and then there is the world, they are not the same. If God is the author of both, how can this be? It is full of contradiction. If God is author of the world, then God is the source of everything that happens here—error, destruction, cruelty and war. In the Greater Community, these tremendous problems in understanding have been surpassed by those who are advanced in The Way of Knowledge, in the realization and experience of spirituality and in recognizing the inherent harmony and purpose of this dual reality that exists within you and throughout the universe."[12]

Recalling the True Source

"People who have begun to recall their True Home and their associations beyond this life are in a position to truly contribute because they are being fed so richly. Their memory, which is now returning to them, enables them to contribute to life without being thwarted by it. That is the source of great happiness."[4]


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