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"As your life, then, becomes simpler, it becomes more focused and more powerful. As all aspects of you begin to function together in harmony, you are able to demonstrate this harmony to others. As your foundation for learning and living The Way becomes established, great things will be given to you to give to others, and people will find refuge around you because you renew them and remind them of their ancient calling." [1]

"Complexity is a state of self-disassociation which renders you incapable of enjoying life and perceiving your role within it. This is the source of all great poverty." [2]

"As you learn to take the steps to Knowledge and to follow them effectively, your burden will become lighter, for your mind will become free of that which is unnecessary for its happiness and fulfillment. Your life will become free of damaging engagements and meaningless pursuits that have never given you what you have really sought. These things fall away naturally. They are not taken from you. You leave them aside because you cannot take them with you into a greater experience of life. They are left at the door. You give them up voluntarily. Now you are unburdened. Then the way becomes simpler and greater. With this simplicity and greatness, your experience and understanding become deeper and more penetrating. Your mind becomes more focused and consistent. Your determination becomes stronger. Your discernment of others becomes clearer and more revealing. Your ability to abide with both truth and uncertainty becomes greater and greater. Here your capacity for relationship becomes far more expanded. This enables you to engage with the great relationships with which you are meant to be engaged in this life. This builds within you a greater capacity for relationship, which will open you to your relationship with the Creator and with the Greater Community of Worlds. It may be difficult to begin, but if you can begin, you can proceed." [3]


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