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"Sickness in the mind is born of self-absorption. It is born of selfishness." [1]

"Sickness in the mind is always the result of isolation and self-absorption because you are out of relationship.That produces sickness in the mind. Sickness in the body is because the mind hates the body and hurts it. But there is also sickness in the body because it gets old and wears out. Not everyone is going to die in their sleep. Not everyone is going to live life without a day of sickness." [2]

"People are very idealistic about health. They suppose that if a person’s life is in order and is being lived meaningfully, there will be no sickness or injury. This is a hopeful expectation, yet it is not based on truth. Even the wisest of the Wise have a risk of injury. Even the wisest of the Wise grow sick and old. And yet, the possibility for sickness and injury can be greatly reduced, and here you can take some very meaningful steps to assure your physical well-being." [3]


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