Shift in consciousness

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"You must think now not only for yourself or for your community or for your nation, but for the whole world because that will determine your fate and destiny and the well-being of your children and the children of the world. It is a great shift in consciousness, a great and necessary shift now." [1]

"As humanity’s idea of itself changes, its social institutions and structures will change as well. Fundamentally, you will begin to see yourself as a member of your world, not simply as a member of a nation or of a group or of a religion or of a culture or of an extended family or of a political persuasion. All of these things will be overshadowed by the presence of the Greater Community, which will make them increasingly insignificant."[2]

"Fundamentally, spiritual practice is about bringing your surface mind, your social personal mind—the mind that has been formed and created by your social conditioning, by your family and by your experiences in the world—to bring this mind into contact with the power and the presence of Knowledge within yourself. For, in truth, your intellect is meant to serve this greater power. This represents a shift in authority within yourself, a shift from the authority of your beliefs and assumptions and ideas, which are all weak, fallible and incomplete, to a deeper power within you—a power that God has placed within you, a power that is meant to direct your life, to resolve your dilemmas, to free you from addiction and from fantasy, to bring your life into a greater harmony and balance so that you will be able to provide something unique and important for the world. To undergo this shift from your beliefs to the power and presence of Knowledge is a tremendous journey that you take. It is like a revolution within yourself, but a revolution that happens slowly and incrementally. And the power that brings this about is entirely natural. It represents a deeper and more profound education and is an essential part of your evolution and development as an individual in the world." [3]


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