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"What would a heavenly state be like for sentient beings from other worlds?" [1]

A Plan To End Separation

"Upon the creation of this universe, the Creator set in motion a plan to end separation and ultimately reunite all sentient life." [2]

"The separated are reclaimed through Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that is placed within all sentient life. They are saved through following Knowledge, which leads to a life of service and contribution." [3]

"A deeper experience and recognition" ... "is possible for all human beings and other races within the Greater Community. For God has placed a deeper mind within all sentient beings—a mind that is called Knowledge in the New Message." [4]

Friends Who Have Not Learned to Join

"Even if under very severe circumstances you are called to defend your nation against invasion or intervention from others, you cannot hate your enemies here. Even at this time, humanity is facing intervention from races from beyond the world. They are not human; they are not like you. They view you in a cold, dispassionate way. But you cannot hate them, for they are sentient beings created by the same God that created you. Perhaps now they are functioning without Knowledge, which is certainly the case or they would not be intervening here, but you cannot hate them." [5]

The Allies

"We have been sent here through the spiritual power and presence of the Unseen Ones. Perhaps you will think of them in a friendly way as angels, but in the Greater Community their role is greater and their involvement and their alliances are deep and penetrating. Their spiritual power is here to bless sentient beings in all worlds and in all places and to promote the development of the deeper Knowledge and Wisdom that will make possible the peaceful emergence of relations, both between worlds and within worlds." [6]

"We work behind the scenes to advocate for freedom and Knowledge in all sentient beings, even in the Collectives, even in empires that are aggressive and destructive, even in individuals who are unscrupulous and devious." [7]

Forces For Good in the Universe

"There are great forces for good in the Universe, forces that work on behalf of individual freedom and the integrity of all life, forces that seek to nurture and to keep alive the greater spiritual Knowledge that resides as a potential within all sentient beings. Your allies represent but a small expression of this greater force. For wherever there is life, there is the integrity of this spiritual Knowledge. It is not merely information; it is a living 'Presence.'"[8]

"The same mistakes are made all over the universe, often with" ... "terrible consequences. But there is a fundamental harmony and purpose to the physical reality and to the spiritual reality and to their inherent relationship with one another. It ultimately has to do with who you are, where you came from, why you are here and where you are destined to go. This holds true for sentient life everywhere, regardless of the vast differences in appearance, environment and understanding." [1]

"The freedom that must be emphasized is a greater internal freedom—the freedom to find the way to Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has placed within you and within all sentient life." [9]

"A deeper Knowledge" ... "resides within all sentient life. This is uniform. This has intelligent design. This is focused and has purpose and direction." [1]

The Greater Plan

"God remains beyond the definitions and the intellectual scope of human beings and all sentient beings in the Universe." [10]

"God has assigned to each world where sentient beings live or have colonized a force of redemption for these nations and groups of individuals. In worlds such as yours, which are largely inhabited, where there is a great diversity and complexity of life, this Angelic Presence has many different levels of expression and different levels of service. Yet its overall purpose is to oversee the progress and the well-being of humanity." [11]

"God is everywhere, redeeming the separated through Knowledge, through a deeper intelligence that God has placed within all sentient beings. Instead of God watching over your life, or sending you messages, or being displeased with your apparent lack of progress, God has just put Knowledge within you to guide you, to lead you and to restrain you." [11]

"God has placed Knowledge within all sentient life, which provides a unique plan of fulfillment and redemption for each specific race according to their nature and circumstances." [1]


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