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"Following Knowledge engages you in real interaction between people, teaches you the subtle forms of communication that are occurring and brings you into an awareness of your own behavior and thinking so that you can come to realize what your self-expression is, what it is expressing and the avenues in which it renders its communication most effectively. [1]

"People with conviction will be able to do far more and will have much greater impact in the world. They will be able to influence other minds." [1]

"The more you are engaged with Knowledge, the more Knowledge can flow through you and speak through you." [1]

"The man and woman of Knowledge can withhold their self-expression without any sense of self-violation, and they can take the risk of telling someone something important, perhaps something that is deemed risky, without any sense of self-violation." [2]

Constructive self-expression

"Ultimately, you will want to share everything, but you must find constructive ways of doing this. It is not for other people to pay the price of your freedom. Freedom is a gift and the freedom of self-expression is a great gift. If you have been in the world for any length of time, you will realize how precious this gift is. Do not abuse your right and do not use your self-expression to hurt others. Sometimes this is unavoidable, for the truth may stimulate pain in another. However, it is still your motive that must be examined. You can respect another as much as yourself and yet not use another's fear of pain as an excuse not to express yourself. Here you must find a balance within the boundaries of your current relationship. There is no exact formula here, only guidelines. [3]


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