Second Coming

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The Second Coming

"Many people in the world are awaiting the return of their Savior, their Maitreya or their Imam. But God has sent a New Message into the world, a Message to prepare humanity for the great change that is coming here and for its encounter with intelligent life in the universe, an encounter that will be far more precarious and dangerous than most people truly recognize." [1]

"Many people want God to return or come again, to overtake the world, punish the wicked and elevate the righteous. But this is not going to happen. People are expecting the second coming of the emancipator, in whatever form or personage they can imagine, and they think this will lead to a great era of peace and righteousness. But that is not going to happen."[2]

A False Messiah

The Intervention "here and their plan are built upon ever-growing human conflict and the loss of faith in human leadership and institutions. Humanity is creating the perfect environment for an intervention from the Greater Community. And the creation of a Second Coming by this Intervention is part of its overall plan and scheme."[3]

"How easy it would be for the Second Coming to further the agenda of [[the Intervention]], to throw humanity into ever greater conflict—now a conflict of belief, a conflict in religion."[3]

"Jesus is in the world. Take comfort. However, he will not come again in the flesh. Who will come again in the flesh claiming his name will be someone from the Greater Community. Beware. If you can become strong with Knowledge, you will know and will not be deceived. Yet, if you fervently want to believe and are governed by the weakness of belief, then you can be persuaded. A Greater Community presence can perform seeming miracles for you. They can do things that seem magical and inexplicable, and many people will fall down in belief and adoration because of this." [4]


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