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Error "will be a source of
 pain and discomfort for you." [1]

A demonstration of the need for Knowledge

"Allow the mistakes of your past to motivate you. They need not be and should not be a source of self-recrimination. They are intended now to be understood as the demonstration of your need for Knowledge." [2]

"Without regret or disappointment, your past illustrates your preparation for education."[3]

"If you regret that the world is the way it is, you will miss its opportunity. If you regret having to consider or accept that your world is emerging into the Greater Community, then you will miss the answer to your prayers."[4]

"The Revelation will make your errors more glaring, your disappointments more apparent, your lack of direction more deeply felt. It may even increase your suffering at the outset until you can discern the real gift of Revelation and recognize that you are beginning a greater journey now." [5]

Freedom from regret

"Give the mind one thing to dedicate itself to. This produces equanimity because when the mind is focused, it becomes still—even when it is working very hard. This gives you freedom from past regrets and from future anxieties."[6]

"People vacillate between excitement and dread. They seek love as a kind of escape and intoxication to free them from the constant burden and overshadowing of fear and regret, whereas real love remains a mystery to them, real love emanating from Knowledge."[7]

"Your contribution is needed. You cannot be left out. If you do not contribute, you will have failed in life, and you will go home to your Spiritual Family with your gift unopened. There you will not be punished, but you will feel great regret, and your life here will be seen as unfulfilling and unfulfilled."[8]

At life's end

"When people lose enthusiasm and vigor for life, it means their ability to learn in this environment has diminished or is complete. If it is complete, then it is time for them to leave. If they can do so in a conscious manner, it means that they can leave with very little regret, and that is good."[3]

"When you are at home in the world, you will be able to move beyond the world to serve in a greater way and to experience a greater reality than the world can present to you. But you will not leave with regret, with anger or with disappointment. You will leave with happiness and satisfaction."[9]


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