Recommendations for People Everywhere

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1) Quiet time each day to consider the wisdom of your thoughts and actions.

2) Make no opinions about anything unless you have spent considerable time studying the problem and its many conceived solutions. Ask yourself if you are really certain about something or are only guessing.

3) Do not waste your precious time and energy complaining about something if you are not prepared to take action regarding it.

4) Forgive those who seem to err against you or the world and ask yourself what genuine need they are attempting to express and fulfill by their behavior.

5) Consider that all religions were initiated by God and then altered by people. Therefore, there should be no conflict or competition between them.

6) Make sure that everything you own really serves you. Travel light and create time for more important things.

7) Consider that you have Four Pillars that are upholding your life:

• The Pillar of Relationships
• The Pillar of Health
• The Pillar of Work & Providership
• The Pillar of Spiritual Development

To be happy and successful, you will need to build each of these Pillars and not sacrifice one for the others.

8) Reduce your energy use by 25-50% to save your community and the world from depletion and ruin.

9) Honor your parents and try to understand the circumstances that determined their decisions and behavior

10) Know that there is a New Message from God in the world and that it is here to uplift a struggling humanity, beginning with the individual. [1]


  1. Guidelines for Living the New Message from God (March 18, 2007)