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"God has given now a pure Message and has provided the Steps to Knowledge as its foundation so this will not be merely another belief to compete with existing beliefs, another ideology that must be defended and debated and used to overwhelm or oppress others.

For God has given the Steps to Knowledge not to one race or tribe or group, not to one region alone, but to all the peoples of the world, to be used in all the faith traditions of the world, to be recognized as the key Message of God to God’s Creation living in Separation in the physical reality."[1]

"Find a quiet place where you can practice your inner listening. Practice your Steps to Knowledge because it will teach you how to still your mind and to listen for Knowledge beyond your mind. And how to become used to silence, and to recognize silence as the environment for contact within yourself. Instead of just a dark, empty, spooky place, it now becomes a refuge where your mind can be refreshed, your energy can be renewed and your mind can rest. You seek this as comfort and refuge now, not as a duty, or burden or obligation and even if your mind is tormenting you in your times of practice, the fact that you are there to pay attention is important.”[2]

"It is like the treasure is in the temple, but it is locked deep inside, and you have to go find it. That, in part, is why God has sent a New Revelation into the world, to provide the Steps to Knowledge in the clearest possible form that can be translated into any language and studied directly, powerfully, without human commentary and without the weight and the corruption of history oppressing it."[3]

“Take the steps to Knowledge. Become stronger with Knowledge. Feel it moving within yourself every day. It will give you clarity and sobriety. It will take you out of foolish behavior and foolish thinking. It will set you on a real path of preparation and will give you greater strength and certainty than anything else in the world can provide.”[4]


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