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“Never assume that technological advancement leads to spiritual awareness, for in most cases, it goes in the opposite direction.” [1]

"is unaffected by technology."[2]
"It is the only part of you that is free."[2]


“Do not be in love with technology, for if you are, you will fall prey to those who are more technologically advanced than you are.” [3]

"You cannot rely upon technology alone, for once the world is exhausted, your technology will have little impact."[4]

“It is essential if you are to undertake space travel that your planet become one community. That is a requirement. All worlds undergo this. They must be unified to communicate beyond their realm or they cannot do it, and their technology will become destructive.” [5]

Knowledge and Technology Quotes

"Human spirituality is eroding away in the world, the true nature of human spirituality. The deeper nature of each person is becoming ever more remote as your societies become increasingly technological and secular. The divisions between religions are so severe and so damaging, even the divisions within religions, they will add a great deal to human conflict and suffering in the future, as they are now." [6]

science and religion

"Humanity has great strengths. You have not lost your connection to the deeper Knowledge that exists within each person. You have not become a regimented, secular, technological society, which are so common in the universe. You have not lost your freedom or your greater sensibilities entirely though that is being threatened with each passing day." [7]

“You must always remember that it is the greater power of Knowledge within the individual and within people together that represents your core strength, not your technological achievements. Never lose sight of this, for if you do, you will lose that which is most valuable to your life, to your future and to your self-realization.”[3]

“The advancement of science and technology alone will lead you away from the power and presence of Knowledge. Only if science and technology are in service to Knowledge, Knowledge being the prime motivation for the cultivation of science and technology, can they be truly beneficial. It is the motivation that matters. And this motivation either comes from the mind or from the deeper mind of Knowledge within you.”[1]

The Greater Community and technology

"In the Greater Community technology is not the prize. Power is not the prize. Advantage is not the prize. Domination is not the prize. The prize is Knowledge and Wisdom. This is fulfillment. And this is what you need in the world right now." [8]

"The needs of life are fundamental everywhere. Advanced technology does not relieve you of these needs entirely and in fact can escalate them tremendously. Do you think that great technological societies in the universe are not desperate for resources, resources that now they cannot create themselves but must trade for and negotiate for, from far, far away? They have lost their self-determination. They are controlled now by the very networks of trade upon which they depend." [7]

"Everyone in the universe is seeking resources, and the more technologically advanced nations are very dependent upon this. You do not reach a place where this need ceases to exist because as you advance technologically, the need escalates in response to it." [7]

"Those who wield great technological power have abandoned their early traditions of religion to serve the religion of power, commerce and technology." [9]

“Accomplishment in the Greater Community is not simply technology or the ability to travel from one world to another. That is all machinery. Accomplishment is the ability to develop real and meaningful relationships and communities. Although this is something that is even rare in the Greater Community, it has been achieved at very high levels.” [10]

“The Greater Community will be represented by highly focused and united groups of individuals who are able to think with a united mind and focus, whose superiority is not only in technology but in the power of thinking and determination.” [5]

"The path of technological development, more often than not, leads away from real freedom and the true nature of spirituality as it exists in all manifest intelligent life." [9]

Not the salvation of humanity

no tech

"The results of humanity’s degradation and foolish use of the world are now moving on their own. Technology alone will not be an answer. There must be human recognition, courage and unity. Technology will only be a tool to help you, but without this recognition, this courage and this unity, technology will only hasten your demise." [11]

“Humanity is gambling its future by destroying the very resources which support it in the world, while hoping its technology will somehow save it in the final hour. It is risking its inheritance and creating a situation where only calamity can arise. It is amazing that so many people in the world today cannot see this. Yet many people do feel these problems and are anxious about them. And they seek either escape, confrontation or advancement as a result.” [10]

“For in truth, you do not want to become too technologically advanced, or you will lose your self-sufficiency. Whatever technology is adequate to provide stability, security and to maintain freedom in your world would be sufficient if you can create it and sustain it. But if you want things from beyond the world and can be convinced that you need them and that you must have them for your safety, for your security, for your advancement or for your enrichment, then you have stepped over a boundary, a boundary that Knowledge would discourage you from passing over. You will feel the restraint of Knowledge here if you are sensitive to its presence.” [12]

"Technology has become a kind of god now, something that will redeem you and restore you in the face of whatever crisis you might be facing. But when technology itself fails you, you see how dependent you really are, and you see how that affects people everywhere in all directions, so that what happens in one nation is now felt in other nations." [13]

Technology Addiction Quotes

"Do not accept foreign technology, for it is only here to addict you and to persuade you and to make you dependent. It is a seduction, and nothing more. It is like giving drugs to a native tribe in the jungle, who then become addicted and enslaved to whoever provides these things." [14]

“Whatever you are in relationship with influences you and you become more like it. If your primary relationship is with technology, you become more machine-like yourself.” [3]


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