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“The thing that people are most afraid of is that their idea of themselves will be changed—the idea of themselves. It is quite apparent that people will commit suicide physically to maintain an idea of themselves. People are very protective of their idea of themselves because that is their identity in the world. So, when real change is occurring, the idea of self is affected.” [1]

“If life disappoints you, if there is a loss of love or privilege, a loss of respect or admiration from other people, this could be shattering to your mind! There are people who commit suicide when their ideas about themselves are seriously challenged or thrown into doubt.” [2]

"If you go back prematurely to your Spiritual Family, and they say, 'What are you doing here?' And you say, 'Oh, I am so glad to get out of there! It was terrible down there!' And they say, 'What? You aren’t due back for twenty years! Did you give them the messages?' And you say, 'What messages?' Then you remember. Then you remember all about getting ready to go into the world. Then you remember the whole thing, and you say, 'Oh, no! I completely forgot!” [3]


“If a person has taken their life, forgive them for their actions. Learn from their life. If given similar circumstances and influences, you might have ended up doing the same thing. Their life is a teaching and a warning to you. Learn from this. Be grateful for what you have learned. Forgive them for departing in this manner. Bless them in their new undertaking, and ask that their life may be a service to you so that you may serve others as well.” [4]


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