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"The first kind of suffering is something that you experience daily, even every hour — the loss of things and the anticipated loss of things. Loss of experiences, loss of objects, loss of friends, loss of abilities, loss of opportunities, loss of securities and loss of pleasures. Loss, loss, loss! This is very dominating, this 'loss' phenomenon. It is the down side of happiness. It is like a great shadow that follows you about.” [1]

"The more you experience Knowledge, the less you will be concerned about loss and survival because you will have confidence that you will be guided by what you need to do. This will not lead to passivity at all but to a very heightened engagement and a very great sense of responsibility, a responsibility that is not motivated by fear." [2]

"When you are experiencing true change, true development and true progress, well, the idea of self undergoes tremendous change. And while it is changing, you go through periods when you don’t know who you are or what you are doing—you seem out of control. Here you must go through periods where your idea of self is lost, and you are not so sure who you are. These are the most important times. This is when something very important happens. That is when a new direction is recognized and new abilities are discovered." [3]

"If a loss has occurred in your life, a loss of a loved one, you may still be happy, though you may shed tears. It is all right to shed tears, for this does not need to betray a greater happiness within you, for these also may be tears of happiness." [4]

"If someone dies suddenly, assess what you have given to them and what you did not give to them that was needed. Assess who they were in your life, and learn to recognize the benefit of your relationship, whether it was a benefit born of error or a benefit born of truth. When you begin to experience the true value of your bond together, express your gratitude. If you do this in prayer, your expressions will reach the recipient because those who have left the world can be reached through prayer. If your mind is open, you can receive their response because the mind is the medium between Heaven and Earth." [5]


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