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"Freedom is difficult. It tends to be disorderly. It does not have the kind of stability that other races have acquired through dominance and control. But freedom is more important. It is more significant. It is more creative. And it is more beneficial." [1]

"Freedom is not a right in the universe. It is a rare and precious thing. It must be established and secured with the greatest determination."[2]

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Two kinds of freedom

"There are two kinds of freedom.
There is practical freedom to live your life without overdue restraint or domination, practical freedom to live with stability and security, without the constant threat of war or overbearing corruption. This is the foundational freedom, and it is so very important. It is the first thing that must be established.
Then there is the greater spiritual freedom of the individual to begin their return to the Divine and to gain access to the deeper Knowledge that God has created in all individuals, in all races in the universe who are living in Separation in physical reality.
This greater freedom is the calling of individuals, and it is limited by the fundamental freedoms they may have in their respective worlds and cultures. But the greater freedom is the ultimate freedom because the Power of Heaven can move through these individuals in service to others and, through the great Networks of the Wise, foster freedom and Knowledge in the entire Greater Community."[3]

The only real freedom

“Your only real freedom is the freedom to live your purpose. Freedom without purpose is chaos. It is living aimlessly without direction, with only your fears for survival, your wants and your desires to motivate you. It is a very desperate situation.”[4]

“What is freedom except the ability to unite with who you are and why you are here? The inability to do this represents the lack of freedom in all of its manifestations.” [5]

“When we speak of freedom, we mean the freedom to be what you are, to follow what you know, and to give what you came here to give. This is a definition of freedom in the more ultimate sense.” [6]

"Ultimately, freedom has to do with why you are in the world and what brought you into the world. You are not here by accident. You did not simply wash up on the shore one day. You are not simply just a product of the mechanisms of nature. You have come here for a greater purpose. You have come here to do something unique and special. You were sent into the world to make a contribution to the world, to the quality of life, and ultimately your freedom is about this." [7]

The way of freedom

"With Knowledge you are free in the world. You are free to join. You are free to leave. You are free to make agreements. You are free to complete and change agreements. You are free to surrender yourself. You are free to extricate yourself. In Knowledge you are free." [8]

“The true meaning of freedom is so that true purpose may continue to be discovered and expressed. To have this freedom, you must learn to live in Knowledge and to use Knowledge. If you do not use Knowledge, you will only have your thoughts to guide you, and they are remarkably chaotic. They are so temporary, sporadic and conflicted that they make a very poor guide for you.”[9]

"There is a way to Knowledge. The way will save you time because you need to save time now. You are needed in the world, and your preparation must become accelerated. You do not now have the luxury of endless exploration and diversion, for the world needs you. It is emerging into the Greater Community. This is not a time to fiddle with your mind or your emotions or play around with different therapies or modalities because The Way of Knowledge is being offered to you. You are needed in the world. It is time to prepare. It is time to become focused and determined. There is no escape from this, for only those who are developed in The Way of Knowledge will have capability in the future and will be able to maintain their freedom in a Mental Environment that will be increasingly influenced by the Greater Community." [10]

Quotes about the value of freedom

"Freedom is difficult to achieve and to maintain, but its reward is beyond estimation. Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom and the possibility for freedom elsewhere represent the true expansion and evolution of life and the greatest promise and achievement for all who are living in this vast universe." [11]

"For the power of freedom and the power of God are the same. Here and everywhere in the Universe. And here and everywhere in the Universe, freedom must be protected and nurtured and supported. For everywhere in life, it is challenged. It is a gift. And it is a gift that you as an individual and you as a member of a Spiritual Family must advocate for, preserve and protect." [12]

“Freedom is not a right in the universe. It is a privilege and a luxury. Your values may argue with this, but your expectations eventually must conform to the real circumstances of life. Individual freedom is extremely valuable, but it is not guaranteed, and you cannot claim it as a right. You will be shocked to find, as you begin to learn about and even experience the Greater Community in which you live, how rare freedom really is.” [13]

The call for freedom

"Whatever form the desire for freedom takes, it is universal, both within this world and within the Greater Community of worlds in the Universe around you. Beyond meeting certain basic requirements of life, freedom represents a deeper need of the soul, and this deeper need expresses itself through a person’s understanding—through their ideas and associations. But the pure impulse comes from deeper within them, beyond the realm of the intellect or intellectual understanding." [7]

“The problems that you face in this world are the same problems that individuals in all worlds face. The need for freedom is a need that is experienced everywhere—the freedom to think, the freedom to act, the freedom to move around, the freedom to discern one’s own inner direction, the freedom to pursue that direction, the freedom to create, the freedom to discover one’s greater purpose and to express that purpose, without oppression, without condemnation and without subjugation.” [14]

Enemies of freedom

"Freedom is looked upon fearfully by those who are not free. It is looked on with suspicion by those who are still a slave to their own mind, a slave to their fear, a slave to their cultural conditioning, a slave to their weakness." [15]

"There are people who are freedom oriented and there are people who are control oriented, and the control oriented are afraid of freedom, and they are afraid of Mystery because they do not believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit. They have lost their faith in humanity and have placed all their faith in their ideology and their prescriptions that they believe have come from God. But God has only given recommendations through the great Teachers, not rules—recommendations for living, guidelines for living to help people orient their lives correctly and productively and beneficially." [16]

“You cannot give up your spiritual reality to become a completely worldly person, or you will never have a real sense of your life and destiny. And you will never understand or be able to experience consistently the greater purpose that has brought you here. You will make all your decisions based upon your ideas or the ideas of your culture, and you will be bound and chained to your culture. It, more than you, will dictate who you are with and what you will do, what you will value and what you will avoid. You will not be a free person, even if you live in a free nation.” [17]

“If you are not free to follow Knowledge, then you are a slave to other forces. You can escape slavery, but you must exercise great strength and determination to do it. You must face discomfort, for when you break the laws of manipulation, you will feel fear because fear is what governs them. Beyond this fear, there is freedom and release.” [18]

Quotes About How to Preserve Freedom

"Humanity must regain its confidence. It must regain the power and the presence of Knowledge. It must unite for its own survival and well-being. And it must cultivate individual freedom here and face the challenge of living within the environmental constraints of this world. If you can do this, you have a greater future in the universe." [1]

"If humanity does not preserve its freedom, it will be lost. If you cannot recognize you are facing competition from beyond the world, this presence and this power will gain ever-greater strength and persuasion here." [12]

"Your freedom is precious, to whatever extent it has been established in the world. It has been gained through great effort and human sacrifice. It must be protected with great vigilance." [19]

Quotes About Freedom and the Environment

"Your freedom is being lost with each passing day as the world diminishes, and the possibility for freedom for those still oppressed in many parts of the world diminishes as well. Freedom is based upon the luxury of a stable and abundant world. That you have the freedom of choice is dependent upon a stable and abundant world."[20]

"Humanity must regain its confidence. It must regain the power and the presence of Knowledge. It must unite for its own survival and well-being. And it must cultivate individual freedom here and face the challenge of living within the environmental constraints of this world." [1]

Quotes About Individual freedom


“Spirituality is fundamentally a quest for freedom—freedom from certain things and freedom for certain things. Seen in this way, the picture becomes more complete. For you have a greater destiny in the world, a greater purpose for being here, a purpose that you are not living now, despite your definitions and proclamations. It is to free you from the life that you are living now to prepare you for a greater life in service to the world that represents the core and essence of all spiritual development.” [21]

"When you become free of social conditioning, when you become free in the mental environment, when you become liberated from the shadows of your own past, you can demonstrate a spontaneity and an enthusiasm in life that are remarkably refreshing to others." [22]

"Spirituality is fundamentally a quest for freedom—freedom from certain things and freedom for certain things." [21]

"It is a very, very courageous thing to do to gain your freedom. You do not live in a free world and you are not a free person. Not really."[23]

"Personal freedom is valuable only in that it gives you this opportunity to find Knowledge." [4]

Quotes About Intellectual Freedom

"Allow your mind to be quiet, for in this you are free." [24]

The Way of Knowledge and the power of Knowledge in the individual,
"this is the source of your freedom. More than anything else it will enable you to see, to know and to have the strength to act on your own behalf in the face of other intervening forces."[1]

"Many of your thoughts will have to be reconsidered. Many of your firmly held beliefs will have to be questioned and in some cases even set aside. This is the price of freedom. This is the price one pays for having the opportunity to live a greater life, an authentic life, a life that is in keeping with Knowledge within themselves, a life that fulfills the destiny that they were sent into the world to fulfill." [25]

"To break out of the personal hell of isolation, to break out of the domination of the mind and the domination of your social conditioning, represents freedom in the most fundamental way! For you can be free in the world, but if you are not free inside, well, you cannot really take advantage of your external freedom. Look about you in the world. People seem to be free, relatively speaking, compared to, say, other people in the world. And look what they do with their freedom. They become lost in addictions, they make horrendous mistakes in their relationships, they abuse themselves physically and emotionally.... Even within yourself, you know you are not free. Freedom is not simply having no obligations in life or not being accountable to anyone. Freedom really in its greatest and most real sense is the ability to find and to follow Knowledge because here you are finally free to do what you came here to do, which is the source of all real integrity and satisfaction." [23]

“What keeps people from being free is not their external circumstances. It is their own mind and their own thoughts. They are prisoners to their thoughts. They cannot stop watching their thoughts. It is as if you were watching a movie on a screen and you could never tear yourself away. The screen then becomes ever more real to you, for you have no contrast. You have no experience to remind you that it is just a movie you are watching.” [26]

“Finally you can see. Finally you can know. Finally your eyes are clear. Finally you are no longer intoxicated by people, by images or by ideas. Your mind becomes free and open to think, to rethink, to renew itself, to adapt itself and to refocus itself. What a great freedom this is!” [27]

Quotes about Influence in the Reclamation of Freedom

"If you can further your own development, you will exercise your greater authority. If you can exercise your greater authority, you are demonstrating your true freedom. If you are demonstrating your true freedom, then you are serving others. If you are serving others, then you are giving to the world. So this will help you. This is for you and for others. This is for life everywhere." [28]


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