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"Spirituality is fundamentally a quest for freedom—freedom from certain things and freedom for certain things." [1]

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Quotes about freedom to follow what you know

“Your only real freedom is the freedom to live your purpose. Freedom without purpose is chaos. It is living aimlessly without direction, with only your fears for survival, your wants and your desires to motivate you. It is a very desperate situation.”[2]

“What is freedom except the ability to unite with who you are and why you are here? The inability to do this represents the lack of freedom in all of its manifestations.” [3]

“When we speak of freedom, we mean the freedom to be what you are, to follow what you know, and to give what you came here to give. This is a definition of freedom in the more ultimate sense.” [4]

Quotes about freedom in the future

"Only those who are developed in The Way of Knowledge will have capability in the future and will be able to maintain their freedom in a Mental Environment that will be increasingly influenced by the Greater Community." [5]

"Your freedom is being lost with each passing day as the world diminishes, and the possibility for freedom for those still oppressed in many parts of the world diminishes as well. Freedom is based upon the luxury of a stable and abundant world. That you have the freedom of choice is dependent upon a stable and abundant world."[6]

"Humanity must regain its confidence. It must regain the power and the presence of Knowledge. It must unite for its own survival and well-being. And it must cultivate individual freedom here and face the challenge of living within the environmental constraints of this world." [7]

Quotes about freedom throughout the universe

"Freedom is difficult to achieve and to maintain, but its reward is beyond estimation. Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom and the possibility for freedom elsewhere represent the true expansion and evolution of life and the greatest promise and achievement for all who are living in this vast universe." [8]

"For the power of freedom and the power of God are the same. Here and everywhere in the Universe. And here and everywhere in the Universe, freedom must be protected and nurtured and supported. For everywhere in life, it is challenged. It is a gift. And it is a gift that you as an individual and you as a member of a Spiritual Family must advocate for, preserve and protect." [9]

Quotes About individual freedom

"When you become free of social conditioning, when you become free in the mental environment, when you become liberated from the shadows of your own past, you can demonstrate a spontaneity and an enthusiasm in life that are remarkably refreshing to others." [10]

"It is a very, very courageous thing to do to gain your freedom. You do not live in a free world and you are not a free person. Not really."[11]

"There will have to be great compliance, and, to a certain extent, individual freedom will be limited. For in this world, you cannot do anything or have anything or be anything you want. But that is okay because you did not come into the world to indulge yourself in this way. You have been sent into the world to serve the world and to contribute to the furtherance and the building and the refinement of human civilization." [12]

Quotes about the value of freedom

"If you can further your own development, you will exercise your greater authority. If you can exercise your greater authority, you are demonstrating your true freedom. If you are demonstrating your true freedom, then you are serving others. If you are serving others, then you are giving to the world. So this will help you. This is for you and for others. This is for life everywhere." [13]


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