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"Like your purpose, your destiny remains beyond your definition. You need only take a step in its direction to feel the growing presence of Knowledge in your life." [1]

“The meaning of your being here is entirely defined by where you have come from and where you are going.” [2]

"You receive great gifts as you fulfill and experience your destiny." [3]


Quotes About the World's Destiny

"God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but this must be guided by Knowledge. Your intellect must be guided by Knowledge. Your life must be guided by Knowledge—now more than ever. As circumstances become more difficult and the world grows darker, this is the time for Knowledge to emerge. This is the time of Revelation. This is the point where the future and the destiny of humanity is decided and determined, by the decisions made by individuals and the decisions made by you." [4]

“From a greater standpoint, from a standpoint of Creation, destiny is everything. But it is not a destiny you created. It is the destiny that God has given you. It is why you are here. It is why your personality has been shaped the way it is. It is perfect for your true vocation in life, a vocation you have likely not found yet.” [5]

"Your destiny is to emerge into the Greater Community of Worlds. This is a process that will take several centuries overall, but the change within the scope of your life will be very rapid, and the challenge to human society will be immense. We introduce the idea of the Greater Community so that you can begin to think about this greater context of life and begin to understand and accept it as a governing fact of your life. It represents your destiny. Destiny must move you forward, whether you are willing or not, whether you can yield or not, whether you can learn or not. The results of destiny are in your hands, but the process itself is not." [6]

"Your life is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. The world is going somewhere. It has a future and a destiny. How it will get there is up to the decisions you make today and the decisions that many others make along with you. Yet you do have a destiny, and this cannot be changed. How well you will fare in this destiny is dependent upon your development and the development of others. The world will emerge into the Greater Community. Humanity will eventually become one united society. Whether this emergence gives you your greatest opportunity for advancement or whether it enslaves your race is partially up to you. Whether humanity’s united society is a society of Wisdom, compassion and understanding that can tolerate diversity or whether it is an oppressive society with a cruel and harsh dictatorship that values control beyond all things, the outcome is up to you and up to others along with you." [7]

Quotes About Personal Destiny

“Destiny has to do with where you have come from and where you are going and why you are in the world and where the world is going—things that are far beyond most people’s considerations or awareness.” [5]

“You cannot change that which was put in place before you came into the world. Though the events of the day and of the year change your circumstances and alter your opportunities, your destiny is still the same.” [8]

“Once God has made God’s mark upon you, then it is not like you can erase it from your life or cover it up or make it go away or explain it or rationalize it to yourself so that its power is diminished. You are going to contend with the Revelation for you?” [8]

Knowledge within you wants to keep you alive so that you have a chance to fulfill your destiny in the world. It will do everything it can to gain your attention and to guide you.” [9]

"You are destined to meet certain people in life. You have a rendezvous with them. They will be guided to meet you as you are being guided to meet them. These relationships are really not based upon past worldly experience, but are a part of a Plan that was established before you came into the world, a Plan that has been created to make it possible for you to discover higher purpose in your life." [10]

"If you take the steps to Knowledge, you will reach your true destiny and your true destination. If you stop for any reason, for love or for money, for comfort or for pleasure, then you will not reach your destination, and you will not experience your destiny. And no amount of therapy or consolation will offset the discomfort that you will feel within yourself. For what greater failure could there be than the failure to fulfill what you came to the world to fulfill? Look about in the world and you will see how unhappy people are. Many of them are very unhappy because they have already failed. They have already given away too much of their life, their energy and their resources, and they live with a dissatisfaction that no amount of comfort or pleasure can offset. They are angry. They are frustrated. And their anger gets projected upon situations which have no real relationship to it." [11]

“You are being driven by a deeper, inner necessity. Accept this. It is fundamental. It is necessary. It is vital. It will keep you from compromising your life. It will keep you from being deceitful with yourself by claiming that you have reached a satisfactory place, or that you have found your purpose, meaning and direction, when in fact you have not found them yet. It will keep you from giving your life in a relationship prematurely or dedicating all of your resources and energy to a career or a form of work which does not represent your destiny.” [11]

“You cannot stop; you must go where you are going. If your destiny is reached through wisdom, it will be constructive and uplifting and you will have progress. If you interfere with it, fight against it and demand it to be otherwise, you will not be in harmony with your world or yourself.” [12]

Not all things are pre-determined

"How your purpose will be expressed depends upon the changing circumstances of the world. So in this not all things are pre-determined, certainly not. Your success or failure is not only based upon your participation, but on the participation and readiness of others who are destined to play a significant role in your life. If they fail in this, it will affect the outcome for you, for your progress is dependent upon the development of certain other people."[13]

Quotes About Destiny and the New Message from God

“If it is your destiny to receive the New Revelation, then you cannot find your calling anywhere else. Try as you may. Be resistant. Deny it. Stand apart. Try to find fault with it. Try to belittle it. Try to keep it at bay. But you cannot alter the fact that it holds your destiny.” [8]

"You were born into this time. You were born for this time. It is your destiny to be here, to learn of these things. It is your destiny to receive these words. It is your destiny to discover the New Revelation. This is really the time. You do not have time to languish. You do not have time to hide out in ambivalence. You do not have time to lose yourself in your hobbies, your romances or your distractions. You are asked to rise to the occasion, to take the Steps to Knowledge and to allow Knowledge to reshape your life and reveal to you your greater destiny." [5]

Greater Community Destiny

"Recognizing that you have a connection to life in the universe is very important here and will be part of the exploration within these teachings. Without this deeper connection, the universe would be too awesome, too immense, too complicated, too difficult and too threatening. It would produce only insecurity and confusion for you. But speaking to the deeper part of you enables you to gain recognition and a sense of your destiny within the Greater Community itself. For regardless of the difficulties that you face in your own world and the difficulties in establishing proper and wise engagements with races from beyond your world, there is the fundamental reality that the human family has a destiny in space. You have a destiny to engage with other races, a destiny to grow and, with the proper education and understanding and with your own native wisdom, the possibility of being a free and self-determined race in a vast and difficult universe." [14]


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