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"All happiness emanates from the fulfillment of your purpose in the world. All sadness, anger and confusion result from the denial of this purpose." [1]

"All anger comes from confusion." [2]

"What has disappointed you but the misappropriation of your abilities? What grieves and angers you but the misappropriation of other people’s abilities." [3]

"Relationships which are used to fulfill fantasy and idealism must always go astray and end in anger and disappointment." [4]

"Let not the injustices of this world stimulate your anger, for if they do, you are looking without Knowledge. You are seeing your own failed idealism." [5]

"Fear breeds hatred and distrust, anger and retribution." [6]

"Anger is unjustified, for anger alone is merely your response to your failure to apply Knowledge." [7]

"An angry God is the projection and creation of angry people."[8]

Quotes About Anger Avoidance

"It is really necessary to begin to explore your own feelings. If you cannot feel anger, then you will not feel love. If you cannot feel sadness, how can you experience affinity with anyone? If you are choked because of the suppression of these things, then your mind will be unclear, your senses will be dulled and your expression will be oppressed." [9]


"This is a time now to stop blaming others, to end your ceaseless debates, to set aside your grievances and your hostilities, to face the fact that you are going to have to live life much more simply in the future. You will be living in a world of great resource restraints. You will not be able to get around very easily. Everything will be very expensive and there will have to be a great emphasis on producing food and other necessary things on a much more local scale. There will have to be tremendous restraint of anger, blame and hostility if people are to make this necessary transition. So many assumptions and beliefs will have to be set aside to face the reality of your situation." [10]

"Do not waste your time and energy being angry at the world, condemning the world."[11]

"Unless you can really change something yourself or be a part of a group of people who can really change something, do not condemn things. Do not condemn people, organizations or governments unless you alone or you in concert with others can really change something. Do not sit idly and condemn the world. This is like slitting your wrists and letting the blood flow out. It is such a great loss of energy, and it gives you nothing. It takes you nowhere. It might seem self-satisfying in the moment. It might seem very justified in the moment, but it is really wasteful, and it just adds more anger and criticism into the mental environment of the world—things which the world does not need." [11]

"With those with whom you are angry and upset, try to see how they, too, have given service to you in the reclamation of Knowledge. Do not bear false witness against your feelings, but in spite of your feelings towards them, if there are ill feelings, attempt also to recognize their service to you. For you can indeed be angered or upset by someone that you recognize has served you, and this is often the case. Perhaps you will even be angry at this curriculum which seeks only to serve you. Why would you be angry at this curriculum? Because Knowledge flushes out everything that stands in its way.That is why at times you are angry and do not even know why." [12]

Quotes About anger in the world

"Around you there will be confusion, anger and conflict as people are deprived, as people feel threatened, as the security of people everywhere becomes challenged. You will see individuals and groups reacting with rage and indignation. You will see nations threatening one another, for this is already happening. And the great conflicts that will emerge and the great danger of war will all be masked by politics and religion, when in fact the conflict is over resources. Who will have these resources? Who will control these resources?" [13]

"In order for you to prepare yourself for a future that will be unlike the past, in order for you to avoid calamity and disaster, you must take heed. You must stop. You must restrain your anger and your passions." [14]

"Around you there will be increasing discord, anger, frustration, chaos and confusion. People will be upset. People will be enraged. People will be living in anxiety. People will be having great difficulty. Here you can only look to other individuals who are responding with Knowledge and to Knowledge within yourself, for around you everyone else will be panicking or will be trying to fool themselves increasingly in the face of great change." [15]

"The work of God is everywhere, but who can see it? People are obsessing over human error and human tragedy, constantly complaining about the world and venting their anger and frustration upon others. God is with them, but they are looking in another direction." [16]

"No one can tolerate peace for long because if your environment is peaceful, your anger begins to come forth. If your environment is not peaceful, you do not realize your own anger. If I took you and put you in a room with no stimulation at all, a very peaceful room with no aggravation, your own anger would come forth. You would realize that you are at war already. You are struggling against your own Knowledge. You are fighting with yourself. That is why there is not peace in the world. There is only peace to the extent that people can stand it." [17]

"The world is a very tough place to give in because people are ambivalent about getting well. There is a great deal of harshness and anger here." [18]

Anger a betrayal of intention

"How can you approach your strength when you feel weak and helpless, when you feel unworthy, if you are burdened by guilt or confusion or in anger blame others for your own apparent failures? To claim your strength means to release all that holds you back." [19]

"There are those who are focused only on political freedom or economic freedom or social freedom. This is a very important contribution to many people, and it may be their ultimate purpose to do this, but the question is, are they free within themselves? Is their motivation based upon love and compassion for people? Or is it driven by anger and hostility, resentment and regret? Is their gift real and authentic, or is it tainted and polluted?" [20]

"If your heart is full of grievance and anger, hatred and resentment, even if life gave you opportunities, gave you social power or gave you political power, you could only usher in a new form of oppression, for oppression is always filled with anger, fear and resentment. It always runs counter to the natural state of human beings that the Creator of all life has created." [21]

"Before you can change the world, you must change yourself. Before you can bring something greater to others, you must receive something greater yourself. Your ideas, your protests and your anger only add to the ideas and the protests and the anger of the world around you until there is a greater inspiration within you." [21]

Anger Incompatible with Knowledge

"As you approach Knowledge, your life becomes more full, more certain and more direct. As you go away from it, you reenter confusion, frustration and anger." [22]

"If you go towards Knowledge, you become happier and if you go away, you go back into confusion, anxiety, anger, sadness and all forms of unhappiness." [23]

"Knowledge represents a greater judgment, but it is a judgment that is very different from your own, for it is not born of fear. It does not possess anger." [24]

"Even anger serves a greater purpose here, for it shows you that you have violated Knowledge. Though your anger may not be directed towards another, it is simply a sign that something has gone wrong and that correction has to be made." [25]

"Anger and resentment are filled with personal projection and blame. That is because people are hurt, and when they are hurt, they want to react, they want to fight back and they want to get their pain out of their mind and give it away to someone else, usually to the person whom they think is the source of their pain." [26]

"Anger is unjustified, for anger alone is merely your response to your failure to apply Knowledge. This engenders anger at its very source. But this need not happen, because anger is a response. As a response it can generate anger in others and stimulate a violent response internally and externally wherever it is applied." [27]

"If you become concerned for the world, you will become frightened and angry, and this fear and anger can overtake you at any time." [28]

"Either the Creator is guiding you in your leadership or something else is guiding you—anger, desire for power, grief or vengeance." [29]

Quotes about anger and romantic disappointment

"People can be mesmerized by each other for years and never have any sense of who the other person is. And yet when they finally become sober, as life sobers them through its hardships and its challenges, they find that they are not really compatible with each other and that their association is shallow and temporary. Then there is great disappointment, anger and resentment." [30]


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