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Long Quotes

"Do not think, however, that because you have a destiny, everything is always predetermined, for this is not the case. You are moving towards your destiny, but how you move, where you go and how you prepare will determine the nature of the outcome." [1]

"Because something is predetermined does not mean that it will happen. This is very important to understand. You can miss your opportunity to discover your purpose and to discover those people who are meaningful to your purpose, and they can fail to do so as well. In reality, this happens all the time." [2]

"Your role here is predetermined, but how it will be carried out and the time it takes to carry it out—especially the time it takes to discover it and to prepare for it—can vary considerably. In this, your decision making has great importance, and indeed you will determine if the outcome can be achieved. What greater responsibility would you ever want to assume for yourself?" [3]


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