Pitfalls along the Way

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“Take care not to be defeated by that which you are here to serve.”--Patricia Summers[1]

"For those who are beginning to respond and to take the journey to Knowledge and the Steps to Knowledge, certain hazards will become apparent to them that are not apparent to others. Certain influences out in the world, and even more subtle influences in the mental environment, will begin to impinge upon them. And it is important that they become aware of these things."[2]

"You cannot incite the greater powers on your own until you come into service to the Greater Powers beyond yourself.

This is a common mistake that many people make. A very consequential error it is and can lead to dangerous pursuits, leading a person to become ever more unstable and disassociated from the world around them.

Knowledge here must become your guide increasingly as to what can be approached and what must be avoided; what is a fruitful pursuit and what is a dangerous one; what forces in the mental environment are beneficial and what will undermine your confidence, and even what forces that can take control of your mind.

There are hazards here, as there are hazards in all aspects of life and in all endeavors. You cannot have a foolish or childish approach to these greater things without putting yourself in jeopardy and making many false claims and assumptions."[3]

Known and unknown

"Be careful not to let that which is unknown within you undermine that which you are sent here to serve."--Marshall Vian Summers[1]

"It is truly dangerous when people think they know and they do not know. This leads to many mistakes and many tragedies as well. Do not think you know. You either know or you do not know, and if you know, your Knowledge is pervasive. If what you know is real, others will resonate with Knowledge with you, and you will not have to persuade them." [4]


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