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"Creation is all that God has created within time and beyond time. You live within time, so you live in a part of Creation that is in motion, that is in flux, that is unstable and that is evolving and expanding. This part of Creation was established to provide a home for the separated, where they could experience Separation and have the opportunity to choose a way to return to that part of Creation that does not change, that is complete and eternal.

The Creation that you must be concerned with is this temporary Creation—a place of time and space, a physical reality, a reality of constant change, of evolving systems, a reality of contrast and conflict, a reality of life and death."[1]

"If life in the physical were not changing and evolving, it would be hell for you. Imagine being in a reality that you did not like, a reality that never changed. You would have no hope. You would make no progress. And even if that physical reality, that unchanging physical reality, was perfect in meeting all your perceived needs, well, after awhile, you would see that living in a body is inherently uncomfortable, problematic and difficult, and you would want to be free. But you could not be free in that case, for you would have established a kind of immortality in your imagined physical reality, and you would be trapped, you see."[1]

"The fact that your physical reality is constantly changing, is expanding and evolving, is going through growth and decay, gives you hope and promise that your greater purpose, the need of the soul, may be fulfilled here. This requires an entirely different theological and philosophical foundation. If you believe you are in the world because you have sinned, because you have been condemned, then, well, you will not recognize the great opportunity that exists within your reality for your redemption."[1]


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