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"You must be forward thinking now and not backward thinking. You must not think about preserving the securities and the ideals that you have clung to before. You must keep pace with life in order to benefit from life and to give to life. In this way, you will not become one of life's casualties but one of its benefactors. In this way, your vital years will be given in service to the progress of the world, rather than being a hindrance to this progress." [1]

"Here you must recognize that what you are facing is unlike the past. You may say humanity has survived and worked through all of its great problems and tribulations, but that does not mean you will be able to do this into the future. The possibility is there. The need is there. The necessity is there.

"But it will have to do with what nations and their populations, individuals, and you yourself will have to choose—what you will choose, what you will be willing to give up, how much you can adapt to changing circumstances, and what kind of restraint you can put upon yourself so you do not become vehement and revengeful and hateful of others." [2]

Short Quotes

"The challenges ahead require a new approach, a new understanding and a greater sense of identity and purpose in life. Here it will be very difficult for people to face the fact that their future will not be like the past and that they cannot use the past as a reference in determining the future. They must meet things face to face, head on." [1]


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