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The pain of error

Error "will be a source of
 pain and discomfort for you." [1]

"Do not deny the pain of past mistakes. Allow that pain to persuade you that you need to learn certain things that are true in order to grow and to mature. This can be done completely without bitterness and without self-degradation."[2]

The fear of pain

"To be alone is to be afraid—to be afraid of pain, to be afraid of loss, to be afraid of rejection, to be afraid of criticism, to be afraid you will not have what you need or what you want. And of course this becomes the source of aberrant behavior, dishonesty, manipulation, avoidance, distractions, indulgences, obsessions, addictions, everything." [3]

Accepting pain

“You work diligently to improve the quality of life here, but it is more mysterious than simply making everything look better, making all people look better and making all pain seem to go away. People did not come here to be painless. That is like going to the ocean and refusing to get wet. If you wish to get involved, you must accept some degree of discomfort. There are painful circumstances here. You will have little aches and pains even if you live an immaculate life.” [4]

The pain of separation

People "do not want to face the pain of separation, and so they want to have a new relationship, which will then preoccupy them."[5]

Violence and pain

"If you have committed violence in the world, well, it will just take a little longer for you to come to the Power and Presence that lives within you, for your shame will be deeper. Your regrets will be deeper. Your pain will be deeper."[6]

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