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"You are emerging into a competitive environment in space, a complex environment, an environment where long-standing rules have been established to maintain stability amongst nations and worlds whose establishments are far older than anything that has been established on Earth."[1]

"Those who engage in space travel do not necessarily represent the spiritually advanced."[2]

The Greater Community

Quotes on outer space

"Humanity’s future lies in space. It is your destiny as it is the destiny of all worlds where intelligent life has evolved."[3]

"Humanity knows not of its vulnerability in space. You still think the Universe is there to serve you and that you are special and that anyone who would come here would come here seeking to assist you, to enlighten you or to save you from your own errors." [4]

Alien technology

"Your love of technology places you in a position of vulnerability, vulnerability to those who are more technologically advanced than you. They will bring you trinkets from space, and you will think it is marvelous, and you will want it for yourself. This is how the native peoples are seduced and persuaded."[5]

The Presence of God in outer space

The Presence
"is pervasive. It is here in this world. It is in other worlds. Were you to be out in space somewhere on a craft, it would be there too. It would be within you and around you."[6]

Jesus in space

"You may think of Jesus as either a man with a Divine purpose or as a Divine being with a human purpose."...
"We are now challenging you to think of him as a figure in the Greater Community. He is not an extraterrestrial from outer space. He was a man who realized Knowledge and contributed Knowledge in his time."...
"Now you must think of him as an Unseen One in the Greater Community."[7]

War in outer space

"For warfare on an interplanetary scale is so destructive that everyone loses. What are the spoils of such a conflict? What advantages does it secure? Indeed, when such conflict does exist, it happens in space itself and rarely in terrestrial environments."[8]

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