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"Humanity, which for so long has been involved in its great indulgences, its great conflicts, its great obsessions and addictions must now listen and look and pay attention without trying to falsely fortify itself and without trying to cast gloom and fear over everything."[1]


"You must manage obsessive tendencies. Replace them if you can with more beneficial activities. Shift your insecurity and your lack of stability, which drives your self-obsession, to focus on other things that are demanding of you. But they must be powerful replacements." [2]

Obsession as spiritual bypass

"Obsession in the realm of spiritual development, however, can be more difficult to confront and to undo because everything that is done here looks at the surface to be so edifying. But is it edifying? If spiritual practice disables a person from being able to participate effectively in life and takes them away from their fundamental responsibilities to such an extent that they become estranged from other people and estranged from their existence in the world, is this a healthy thing?" [3]


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