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This moment

"Taking action is not only decisions, big ticket items, things to deliberate on and finally pluck up the courage to do. Taking action is now. Going down that emotional alley, or allowing that errant thought to be in your mind, if it is not right and truthful, then it shouldn't be done. Taking action is about where our mind goes, where our emotional energy goes, what we practice and reinforce all day long." [1]

"An image was once presented to me of stair steps and specifically, the edge of the step, the flat portion of the step and the raiser or upward part of the step, leading to the edge of the next step up.....And along with this image it was said, 'There are three important junctures here or parts of the step and they entail the moment or time of Seeing,......the time or duration that follows to Know or get what one saw or realized, then the upward push requiring action ... Seeing, ... Knowing ... Determined, Inspired Action ... Seeing, Knowing(getting, realizing, integrating), Action.....' The individual who spoke this to me said, 'Now, step back. What do you see in this movement?' And they answered their own question, 'Upward, outward movement and progress.......and get there.......inspired work and the fact you are answering the Call and coming. You are coming.......and you can honestly say to those waiting for you , 'I am Coming......'" [2]

Take the Steps


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