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"All of humanity are now the native peoples of the world facing intervention—an Intervention that is here to use you for itself, for its own wealth and acquisition."[1]

"You are the native peoples of this world. You are experiencing intervention. The history of your world teaches you what intervention is like, and that it is always carried out in the interest of those who are intervening. Do not let yourself then fall under foreign persuasion and intervention."[2]

"Native races always have to defend their rights, their privileges and their stewardship as they begin to emerge into the Greater Community."[3]

Greater Community rules of conduct regarding native sovereignty

"Terrestrial planets create biological hazards for visitors. And that is why colonization is usually attempted once the native race has either established a usable network that the visitors can use, such as is the case here on Earth, or have destroyed themselves through conflict and war, leaving an open door for intervention to occur, even military intervention. Military intervention is allowed in this region of space under such conditions."[3]

"While outright conquest of your world is not permitted in this region of space, other nations are free to intervene under two conditions: first, if the native peoples of your world appear to others to welcome intervention and to not resist it; and, second, if humanity were to fall into a truly deprived and declined state. Under the second set of circumstances, other nations would be free to come and take the world for themselves, using humanity as a resource for their own ends."[4]

Wasting coveted resources

"If, let us say, developed nations in the world found some little tribe in the recesses of the jungles who were sitting on tons of gold or other kinds of minerals, or had vast forests full of valuable woods, do you think that the advanced nations would not intervene, particularly if they felt these resources were going to waste? Or how about if the natives were cutting down all the trees because they liked the sunlight or they wanted to grow their own food? Well, the nations of the world would be in there doing everything they could to get the resources, either legally or illegally. That is what human nations would do. Do you think they would sit by and let the natives just despoil or neglect what they have? Of course not. Well, if the land is of no value to the powerful nations, sure, give them their reservation. But if they are sitting on $100 million in gold, that would not be a reservation.

Your world is viewed like that by your visitors and by others in the Universe who see this precious little world and this race of relatively destructive beings destroying its natural resources and violating its natural laws."[5]

"You must look at your world as your storehouse for food, water and energy and for all the things that you will need both now and in the future. If you exhaust these, you will decline, undoing all of the progress that you have made. Even your technological potential will not be able to be realized in the face of such great social disintegration. This would make you vulnerable to one of the great opportunities that others have over a weak and failed race, an opportunity that is permitted in the Greater Community. That opportunity is seen as rescuing a planet’s resources from the overexploitation of its native race, which is allowable given the ethics and the rules of engagement that exist in this part of the galaxy."[4]

"They want to preserve the human workforce. They cannot live in your world. They will have you do all the work. Get the natives to mine the gold. Just like what has happened in your world. Do you think the natives’ permission is needed? Well, maybe they’ll find a way to induce you to give your permission, but they are going to get what they want. In your situation in the world today, your visitors are going to get what they want unless you stop them. And the way you are going to stop them is not merely by using technology. It is by intelligence and by cunning. And by cooperation in the human family."[5]

The Collectives think “Why let the natives ruin the world when we can run it for them and we can teach them the great value and benefit of our collective community?” [6]

"Resources are valuable, and therefore, the destruction of natural environments is generally looked on with disfavor. To preserve these resources and environments, most resource explorers including Collectives will attempt to persuade the native race to come into alliance with them rather than try to overtake that race by force. This strategy is also understood by many advanced civilizations, who have learned through much trial and error and through many difficult periods in the history of their worlds."[7]

"You either make yourself available to such persuasion, or you recognize you must resist it. Here humanity’s approach will make all the difference, for truly a small nonmilitary force could gain ascendancy in the world without the use of force. It could do this through the power of persuasion and by offering the native people things that they think they want. This is how native peoples have been seduced throughout human history by other intervening powers."[3]

"For anyone who has studied human history, you will see demonstrations of all of these things we are speaking of—religious manipulation, interbreeding, violence wrought upon adversaries, particularly in situations where native populations are encouraged to accept and to receive their new visitors. It is far easier to govern one who believes in your cause and is cooperative than it is one who is simply being subjugated."[6]

The responsibilities of sovereignty and self-determination

"Look at the history of the peoples of your world, the native peoples of the world, those who simply acquiesced and said, 'Oh, yes, fine. Welcome. Move on in. We’ll live here, and you can live over there, and everything will be fine.' Look what happened here. Is this new scenario really very different? It is a very difficult situation to be the race that is discovered, to be the natives of a new world, being visited by others who seek the values and wealth and opportunities of the new world. Such is the predicament that humanity is in now.

Yet is this a great tragedy? It could become a great tragedy, depending on how people respond. However, it is also a great opportunity, for the presence of forces from the Greater Community intervening into human affairs is really the one great chance for humanity to unite itself and to become strong in its own defense. It takes something of this magnitude to overcome the tribal animosities and histories between cultures. It takes something greater, a greater problem, to unite people."[8]

"These are some of the corrections that must be made if humanity is to approach the Greater Community objectively, utilizing your awareness of nature, your awareness of your own history, the history of intervention in your world and what native peoples must do to establish their sovereignty and their self-determination amidst the presence of foreign and unanticipated powers."[9]

The preparation being given upon humanity's emergence into the Greater Community

"If you did not have the preparation in Greater Community Spirituality, if you did not have anywhere to go with this awareness, it could be overwhelming because you would think that you had no recourse. It is as if humanity, like an unsuspecting native tribe, were just waiting to be taken over by someone else."[5]

"People must face their fear and anxiety and realize the situation they are in. They must gain a new understanding of where they stand in the Universe and their role and responsibility as the native peoples and stewards of this world. They must exercise the power that they have individually and collectively to preserve their own native grounds."[5]

"Could the Native American peoples understand the intricacies and competition between European nations? No, they could not. Not without help from a more mysterious source. And indeed at that time, the Angelic Presence was active in trying to notify the peoples of the Americas that great and tragic changes were coming. But like yourselves, the Natives could not respond because it was outside the realm of their world view. It did not fit with their beliefs or understanding, and so such revelations, to the extent they could be made available to people, were largely rejected or ignored. Do you think that the Angelic Presence just looked the other way and let the Native American peoples be obliterated?"[8]

The native worlds of the Allies of Humanity

"Our native worlds all exist either within the region of your world or nearby. We have all had to deal with Collectives. We have all had to deal with resource explorers from other nations. We have all had to learn to protect and secure our freedom and to become as self-sufficient as possible, in many cases relying upon one another for essential resources for our survival and well-being."[7]


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