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"It is only because of the great Messengers and Messages that humanity has even come this far with so much success, despite its many failures and errors." [1]

"The Messengers are not gods. They all come from the Angelic Assembly. Half holy, half human they are, greater than any other person in the world in this respect. But you cannot worship them. You cannot appeal to them for favors and dispensations. This you must appeal to God directly." [2]

Previous Messengers of God

Current Messenger of God

Quotes about Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad

"God's interventions are infrequent, but they are vitally necessary. The arrival of great spiritual emissaries such as Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad represent such interventions." [3]

"Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad and all the great spiritual emissaries, both known and unknown, are in complete harmony with what is being presented here. They too had to face dissension and conflict, rejection and ridicule." [4]

Quotes about God's Messengers

"All the great Messengers that have been sent into the world at great turning points for humanity, they have had to face this inability of others to respond. They have been persecuted by this. Is that who you are? Will you be the persecutor of the Messenger, a denier of the Revelation? If so, you will not be alone, but you will have failed the test, you see. You will have disappointed the Creator. The Creator will not punish you, but you will not be able to receive the blessings, the guidance and the power of the New Revelation." [5]

"It is like centuries ago. You were having tea at a table with Mohammad, but you did not know who he was. Well, he looks like anyone else. He is not radiating the Presence. He is not so magnificent or so omnipotent that everyone around him is swooned by his presence. He is just a man, dressed traditionally, just a man. There he is. I see him now. He is over here. Nothing special. He had to preach hard to even get people to listen to him. So blind was everyone around him, only a few could see. Such is the dilemma and the burden of the Messenger at any time of Revelation." [6]

"People want the Messenger to be a super person - powerful, magnificent, immaculate, utterly pure, well behaved, in accordance with human expectation. But the Messenger is a human being and is always fallible, but it is the Message and the Presence that accompany the Messenger that makes all the difference. Jesus made mistakes. Muhammad made mistakes. The Buddha made mistakes. All the great leaders that followed them and all the great teachers in other traditions, they all made mistakes. To live in separation is to make mistakes. To enter the world of Separation means you will make mistakes. But if the Messengers deliver the Message and do not elevate themselves into a godlike position, then they have achieved their goal." [7]

"None of the Messengers were gods. They were Messengers—half human, half holy—representing both realities, the reality of the world and the reality of the Ancient Home from which you have all come and to which you will all return eventually."[8]

"Contrary to many people's expectations, the New Message is always given to one person. Many people are called to help this person to receive this Message and to communicate it effectively. This is how great revelations are presented both within your world and within all worlds in the Greater Community. This is done merely as a matter of efficiency. If this one individual can respond and be prepared to receive such a great burden and responsibility, and if others can respond to assist this person, then the New Revelation can be presented in a pure form." [9]

Religious Conflict

“The Sacred has been lost. People are oppressed and impoverished. They fight with each other over what they think is sacred. They fight with each other over which of God’s Messengers should be honored. They fight with each other over the history of their religion. They fight with each other over the resources of the world. They collide over their ideas, and the pain and the suffering of humanity is perpetuated and deepened. And the Sacred becomes lost to the people as an inspiration, as a mystery, as the invisible movement of God and God’s emissaries.” [10]

The Problem of Establishment After the Time of Revelation

"It is a problem, you see, a tragedy in its own right, that the great religions were established beyond the lifetime of the great Messengers, a problem that has been repeated many times with many unfortunate consequences." [11]


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