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"You are concerned with survival, with being liked and with looking good. Looking good is also about survival because survival is not only being able to continue to breathe, but also gaining security and meaning through association with others. Here it can be said that there are only two things in life: there is Knowledge and there is looking good. Much of your thinking is to look good so you can offset your pain, guilt and anxiety. This makes you want to have your body look good so that it can be accepted by other minds in bodies who are engaged in the same activity.” [1]

“You see, I’ll tell you a great secret from beyond the world. God does not care if you are a “nice person.” That is not important. God does not care if you look good. Not important. There is only being real. If you are real and it is important to look good, well, you will look good! It is not a problem. It is simply an expedient in order to communicate with others.” [2]

“There are only two things in life—I make everything simple. I could write a book with only two sentences: “There are only two things in life. There is Knowledge and there is looking good.” It is true. Looking good! Why look good? To protect an idea of self. If you think I am kidding, then go outside one day dressed completely inappropriately for who you think you are and see how you feel. You will be afraid. Go out dressed like people you do not like. You will be afraid.” [2]


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