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"It is this ability to prepare that is your genius because this will engage you meaningfully in every moment while preparing you for the future. Therefore, do not worry about future events. Be current with yourself now and do whatever your Knowledge indicates.That is preparation. It is living in the moment in a vital way and preparing for the future in a meaningful way.Then there is a present and a future all together." [1]

Not Heeding the Signs

"People are living in the moment and do not see the signs of the world. They do not hear the signs within themselves—warning them, alerting them, telling them to hold back, telling them to reconsider so that they may have a moment of seeing, a moment of clarity, so that they may have a moment to hear the greater voice that God has put within them, the voice of Knowledge." [2]

"The animals are happier than you because they do not think these things. They are unaware of these things. They can live in the moment even though they might die in the next hour. They are living in the moment. They do not see or know their end until the moment it occurs. They do not see it. They do not worry about it. It is not a concern. They are trying to live and get what they need every day." [3]

"For human beings, living in the moment alone is a demonstration of profound ignorance and the neglect of one’s greater intelligence and responsibilities. In the moment, you can see, hear and know—but you are always preparing for the future. You are always watching the winds of the world."[4]

"Are you preparing for the Great Waves of change? Or are you foolishly living in the moment, blind and ignorant to where you are going and what is coming over the horizon and the great signs the world is giving you now to alert you and to prepare you?"[5]

Being Present

"Living in the moment and preparing for the future—the two fundamental aspects that require intelligence. You cannot do one without the other, for if you do not know how to be in the moment, you will not understand the signs of the world. If you do not prepare for the future, the world will overtake you, and you will be helpless and hopeless in its wake." [6]

"You escape the past by engaging in the present and by preparing for the future. Some aspects of your past will continue to serve you, and some aspects of your past will continue to bother you, but overall your emphasis will be on living in the moment and preparing for the future." [7]


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