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"Life Force is an energy which exists in all living things."

"It is an actual power that is cultivated, used and developed by certain races for certain purposes." [1]

"Life Force is power that few have ever discovered and fewer still have ever learned to use constructively." [1]

"Life Force is a power. It is within you, but you cannot gain control of it. It is possible to use it in certain situations, but to actually have authority over it requires a highly developed and adept mind." [1]

"Life Force is not as effective in the physical environment as it is in the mental environment, where thoughts can be directed at an individual thousands, even millions, of miles away and have an impact." [1]

"Life Force is within you. You can feel it at this moment. It is breathing your body; it is moving your blood; it is keeping your nerves alive; it is sparking your mental awareness." [1]


"It is like clay— you shape it, you form it and you use it for specific purposes."

"There is a very great difference between use and control. For example, you use electricity, but the ability to control it, redirect it and guide it represents a greater set of skills and abilities. You use the power of the sun to grow food, but can you harness the power of the sun? Can you control it?" [1]


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