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"All confusion is the confusion of different levels." [1]

"You live life at two levels. You live life at the level at which you think, and you live life at the level at which you know." [2]

Levels of engagement

"Knowledge is engaged in the big things, but it keeps track of everything else. So, you lose your keys and you go to Knowledge and you say, 'Where are my keys? I will meditate.' Sometimes it comes to you to look in a certain place, and you say, 'Ah, wonderful! Knowledge is so good!' Other times you try to focus and there is nothing there and you end up having to look all over the house anyway. And then you think, 'Well, maybe Knowledge doesn’t work.' Knowledge is involved in something much bigger than these kinds of things." [3]

Levels of human development

"As you develop, earlier needs will fade away, and other needs will come to take their place because there is a progression of levels of understanding in the development of Knowledge." [4]

"Relationship at the level of interdependence is rare and very special."[5]

"The body is a mechanism. It is not magical. Do not confuse it with the mind or with the Spirit. People attempt to make them all the same because they want to feel that they are unified and that life is unified. But life functions at different levels. It functions at the level of the physical environment, the mental environment and the spiritual environment."[6]

"Because material providership historically has fallen primarily on men, women have been able to cultivate providership at other levels—at the psychological and emotional and spiritual levels to a far greater degree, and they are naturally endowed to do this." [7]

Different levels of achievement in other races

"Your visitors are comprised of different races of beings at different levels of authority and command."[8]

"Now, you must understand that the Greater Community contains intelligent life at all levels of technological and ethical development."[9]

"In the Greater Community, there are races at all levels of evolution and technological skill. There are races that are dedicated to good. And there are races that are dedicated to destruction." [10]

"In the Greater Community, there are many races who have achieved very high levels of maturity in their spiritual understanding and have achieved a state of freedom that humanity has not yet come even close to achieving." [11]

"Those whom you are encountering in the Universe at this time represent highly organized, very hierarchical organizations whose function is resource acquisition and development. Collectives, by and large, are made up of a series of races functioning at different levels of authority and command." [12]


Levels throughout the universe

"Knowledge works in all arenas and at all levels of participation—within each person, within each community, within each world, between each world and within the universe as a whole."[13]

"God works behind the scenes through inspired individuals and through united relationships at all levels—at the level of individuals, families, groups, cities, nations and worlds."[14] The great variability of life in the universe represents the evolution of life at all levels and in countless forms and countless variety, where the distinctions are endless, where the environments are different and where the circumstances are different."[15]

"In worlds such as yours, which are largely inhabited, where there is a great diversity and complexity of life, this Angelic Presence has many different levels of expression and different levels of service."[16]

"There are different levels of Unseen Ones. The Unseen Ones who assist you are assisted themselves, for the chain of authority, the chain of giving, continues far, far beyond you—translating and making a greater will and purpose accessible and available to you. This is beyond your comprehension. You cannot even imagine it, and you are not required to do so." [17]

"For some, the Teachers will always remain in the background. As a result, they think their greater inspiration comes from themselves alone. Yet others cannot progress without conscious help. This is determined by the level of the individual and the mission they are to accomplish."[18]

Mental, Physical, Spiritual Levels of Existence

"The more concentrated your mind, the greater its impact on life. The more directed your intention, the greater its impact on others." ... "This is power at the level of the mind in a mental world. Power in the physical world is where one body can overcome another body by sheer power and force. In the mental world, it is the same—certain minds overpower other minds that are weaker and less concentrated." [19]

"When something is eclipsed, it is not denied. It is overshadowed by a greater reality and a greater presence. The mental is not obliterated because it serves the spiritual. The physical is not denied or overlooked because it serves the mental. Your mind must become educated about the physical world. Your spirit must become educated about the mental environment. That is why you are in the world, because you must become educated about the mental and the physical realms. That is why it is ridiculous to use spirituality to escape the world. Instead, use spirituality to learn about the world. Learn to engage yourself in the world meaningfully, purposefully and constructively. Develop relationships within the world, for relationship is all there is." [20]


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