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Knowledge corridor

"Knowledge within you, the individual, is here on a mission." [1]

Not a resource to enrich yourself

"It is not a resource that you can use to enrich yourself or to gain advantage over others, for Knowledge will not do these things. Its purpose and its reality is to respond to the Creator of all life and to respond to the great calling that is going out as humanity continues to approach this great threshold in its existence." [2]

To be discovered

"Knowledge within you will stimulate your acceptance and your understanding, for Knowledge is what engenders and nourishes life everywhere. Its mystery and its certainty represent the revelation that is awaiting you, to be discovered and contributed."[3]

"is here on a mission. Its whole focus is to bring you into contact with this mission, to connect you with those people who will be significant and important within this mission, to bring you to the great need in the world that will call this mission out of you, for you cannot discover it yourself. It must be called out of you."[4]

To be followed

"It will be something that will be felt and deeply known. It will be real, and you will know it to be true. Until that point, you are building the foundation for that recognition. When you build a house, you do not build the upper floors first. You start with the foundation and you build up. You do not begin by laying the wallpaper and putting in the furnishings, for there is nothing to contain them. You begin by building the foundation and the primary structure of the building. You do this in a step-by-step manner. You follow a plan. You develop skills along the way. You exercise skills you already have. And you learn new ones as well." [5]


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