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"Education requires a wise instructor, someone who is competent and who understands the learning process at hand. You can only take yourself so far. Even when you try to teach yourself simple and mechanical things, you make yourself vulnerable to grave error, and it takes much more time and energy to advance. It is better to assign yourself to a capable and competent instructor. If you attempt to learn the way yourself, you will take a very slow and difficult path. In fact, many people choose to do this because they are too afraid to work with an instructor, or because they have grandiose ideas about themselves and think that an instructor is not necessary and that they can learn on their own. Some people do not want to commit the time and resources to their education substantially enough to engage with an instructor, when a true instructor will in fact save them time and energy and preserve their resources for the future. You have learned this already. To learn an athletic sport, to learn an art, to learn any kind of skill requires wise instruction. Someone must show you, and someone must correct you as you proceed and try things out for yourself."[1]


  1. Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 10: How do you prepare?

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