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"God’s Teachers have delivered messages to individuals throughout history." [1]

"In the Greater Community, Life Force has been harnessed successfully by individuals and small groups of individuals who serve a greater network of the Wise. This network is called the Harim." [2]

"Humanity is endowed with a great spirituality, and this has been kept alive through the centuries by the presence of the Unseen Ones, the Angels of the Creator, and by the revelation, the expression and the contribution of many inspired individuals. Here human religion has played a fundamental role despite its many errors. It has paved the way for a new revelation, a new testament, a new expression of human divinity and a new application and meaning for human wisdom."[3]

"Upon leaving this life, those few individuals who attained seeming perfection find themselves at a new beginning. Yet they need not be here any longer. Instead of transcending their humanity, they must now encounter the identities of the universe. For this they will need great assistance and exposure." [4]

"Those who experience God in the Greater Community and those who can transmit God in the Greater Community represent individuals who have transcended the boundaries of their own racial heritage and intellectual capacity. They have become universal in their thinking. They see what others cannot see, and they know what others cannot know." [5]

"How are great things done in the world? They are never done by individuals. Greatness always happens because something greater is poured through the individual. It is like a fountain pen: It is not the tip but the vessel that holds all of the ink. In the world you are like the tip touching the paper, but it is because you have a greater vessel to pour through you that you can provide something uncommon, important and lasting here." [6]

"How few people in the world know that they are here on a mission and can leave that mission undefined and unexplained and yet support it wholeheartedly nonetheless. How few people can give themselves to something that is known and urgent but that seems inexplicable and beyond description. How rare are these individuals, and yet how important they are for the advancement of the world." [7]

"Many people will not accept help, and so they must be given gifts without knowing where the gifts come from. Their efforts, if they are truly motivated, will bring them into true relationship anyway. They will realize that what they have done was the product of relationship and not the product of an individual, for individuals do not accomplish anything. There is no individual creativity in the universe. Creativity is a natural by-product of relationship, whether it is relationship you see or don’t see." [8]

"Their gift, which is now slowly emerging within their own awareness, must be protected and safeguarded and given with great specificity to certain individuals at certain times. This requires tremendous restraint, for each person is eager for power and control to offset his or her sense of insecurity in physical life. Ambition exists within each person. Within the student of Knowledge, it must be discovered and arrested in all of its manifestations." [2]

The vitality of the inspired individual

"Recognize this idea, please: The individuals in this world, and in other worlds as well, who have been major contributors to their people were not wasting their vitality in meaningless pursuits.They were drawing upon all their resources for the tasks at hand. They were not casual about anything. Life was too vital for them. It is this vitality you miss. It is this vitality that your Knowledge contains for you. Yet you must seek for it in your current activities." [1]

"The identity that God created is hidden and must be discovered. As it is discovered, it will dissolve all other identities within you.Your identity will be experienced by carrying out your purpose because identity is life in action. It is experiencing yourself living a life that is vital, essential and real. It is observing the results of your actions and the relationships that are developed as a result, for who God created in you is not an individual; it is part of a greater fabric." [9]

"When individuals are deeply moved to do something that sets them on a different course in their lives and in a different direction from where they were planning to go before— this is evidence of Knowledge. When individuals feel that something wrong is going to happen and then act to avoid a dangerous situation—this is evidence of Knowledge." [10]

Revelation given through one individual

"Let us now begin to learn a new way and to experience together the new revelation of the Creator. We have come to the world for this purpose. We represent spirituality in the Greater Community. We have selected one individual to be our speaker for this great purpose and mission. Together with him, we are able to introduce to you a Greater Community Way of Knowledge and to express to you in many ways and in many areas of application the meaning and the necessity of learning greater Wisdom, Wisdom from the Greater Community." [3]

The importance of a few

"In order for humanity to have any advantage in the Greater Community, certain individuals here must become wise within a larger context in life. And others must support these individuals because for every individual that advances, it takes a great deal of support from others. This is how Knowledge is kept alive in the world. And this provides a means for Knowledge to be communicated in the world through a network of relationships all supporting a central focus. This is how greater things are communicated throughout the Greater Community, throughout all manifest life and indeed even beyond manifest life."

Mutually inspired individuals

"Individuals come to find their place with you. There is recognition rather than attraction. There is peace rather than frantic stimulation. There is confirmation in being together. You still have personalities and there are difficulties, conflicts, and so forth because personalities are like that. They have their own inherent discomforts, like your body which has its aches and pains." [1]

Physical limits

"No one in physical life can control the mechanism of the universe. No one in physical life can control time. They can use time, but they cannot fully control it. The Wise know the limits of control and exercise their abilities appropriately. The foolish think that there are no limits, that everything is there for them to acquire, to conquer or to obtain. No one individual or group of individuals can gain control of the physical universe because everyone exists within limits.

It may appear that you have great power and ability compared to other people. However, seen in a larger context, you have significant limits. Knowing your limits represents an aspect of Wisdom. Knowing what you can develop and what is beyond your reach represents an aspect of Wisdom. These are learned as you proceed in The Way of Knowledge because here you are beginning to distinguish greater powers from lesser powers." [2]


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