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"How will you discover this deeper Knowledge and how will you learn to distinguish it from the other voices, impulses and influences in your life?"[1]


"Integrity means that you are one person, you are the same person in all situations, with only slight modifications for social adaptability; that you are guided by one true impulse within yourself, that you are not moving in many directions at once, that you are unified and harmonized within yourself." [2]

Divine Impulses

"Knowledge remains ever mysterious because it is a doorway to God. It is your connection to God. It is how God speaks to you. It is where the Divine impulses enter your experience and awareness in life." [3]

The "deeper mind calls to you. It has the attraction of the Divine. It is where you connect with the Divine. It is where God’s Will communicates to you, not in words but in impulses, at a deeper level—beyond the realm of the five senses, beyond the realm of the intellect, beyond the realm of ideas and ideology."[4]

"All the great inventions, the great innovations, the great services to humanity in all fields of endeavor have come from the Mystery, the impulses from the Mystery, the guidance and direction from the Mystery." [5]

Knowledge and Impulse

"You must learn of Knowledge—learn how to recognize it, learn how to accept it, learn how to discern it from the other impulses in your mind." [6]

Knowledge "can look at every opportunity, every situation, and every impulse on your part and determine what is true and what is not true." [7]

"Learn how to slip beneath the surface of your mind, to develop an opening, an opening that will serve you when you are out in the world, an opening that will allow impulses and ideas and insights to come to you from Knowledge." [8]

"See what happens and try to learn to distinguish Knowledge from your impulses, your wishes, your fears and your avoidances. This must be learned through experience. In this way, Knowledge and everything that pretends to be Knowledge are drawn apart in contrast."[9]

Knowledge "cannot be swayed by the world or swayed by your own impulses, fantasies or beliefs. If you choose to go in a direction that is not your destiny Knowledge within you will simply wait, wait until you reach a point of recognition after much disappointment and disillusionment."[1]

The Freedom Impulse

"The real impulse for freedom is the freedom for something."[10]

"Whatever form the desire for freedom takes, it is universal, both within this world and within the Greater Community of worlds around you. Beyond meeting certain basic requirements of life freedom represents a deeper need of the soul, and this deeper need expresses itself through a person’s understanding, through their ideas and associations. But the pure impulse comes from deeper within them, beyond the realm of the intellect or intellectual understanding."[10]

Relationship and Sexual Impulses

"Do not let passion, impulses or need determine your actions in beginning a relationship."[11]

"Denying your sexual impulses is hardly a testament to the grace of life. Yet managing this vital energy is necessary. As a married person, you will be attracted to other people from time to time. That is normal. Some people may be stimulating to you. But here again you must support that which is essential to your well-being. Here restraint is necessary. You cannot have everyone you want, you cannot do everything you want, you cannot own everything you want, you cannot go in every direction you want and you cannot have all the experiences you want. This is obvious if you will look. Therefore, give yourself to that which you value most highly, and things of lesser value are either satisfied in the process or given up."[12]

Impulse Restraint

"Restraint gives you power over your mind, power over your impulses, power over your addictions, power over your reactions. This is essential. If you can not exercise authority within your own mind, you will give your authority over those who will."[7]

Other Impulse Quotes

"In dealing with the presence of the Intervention, should you experience it in any way, it is so important that you not become emotional. Do not become loving, do not become fearful. Be neutral. And if it is directed at you specifically, tell it that you recognize its deception and you will not support it. Make yourself an undesirable subject for their usage. Tell them you'll resist them with every fiber of your being and they will not choose you to become part of their human group of representatives. You will cease to be a desirable subject for their study or experimentation." [13]


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