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Impermanence Not Illusion

"You must not call physical reality an illusion, because it is a reality. It is not a permanent reality, it will not last forever, but in time and in your experience it is a reality. It is more real to you than your heavenly state. It is more real to you than the reality of God."[1]

"If you only say that the world of Spirit is God, then what about the physical universe? Some religions refer to it as only an illusion, something that is impermanent, that is passing, and that once you gain a higher level of consciousness, you do not need to exist in this physical reality. It is like a great phantom that is sustained by all who believe in it and participate in it. But even this is not complete because God has created and set into motion the geologic forces and the evolutionary forces of nature." [2]

The Illusion of Assumptions

"You need to be disillusioned to have clarity and certainty in your life, for illusions take the place of real clarity and certainty in your life." [3]

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