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“The Creator does what works, even if it is incomprehensible to those who are destined to be its beneficiaries.” [1]

“God works mysteriously. God is like a great attraction without a marquee or a billboard. God is pulling you along incessantly.” [2]

How God Works with Individuals

“If you want God to help you, you must build a relationship with Knowledge, for this is how God will speak to you. This is how God will move you and guide you and restrain you and hold you back and lead you forward. If you want the power of God to be of service in your life and to others through you, then you must bring your power in service to God’s Power and not compete and not deny and not struggle.” [3]

"God is working behind the scenes, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge, working through inspired individuals and through meaningful relationships. God does not make a big show. God does not want people to bow down and become slaves, unwillingly, resentfully, with hostility and bitterness. This is not a worldly power we are speaking of. This is not a worldly persuasion. This is not how the personal mind works; it is something different. It is not how world governments work; it is something different. God does not threaten you. God does not tantalize you. God does not seduce you. God is present for you, and you have the opportunity to become present for God." [4]

How God Works through Individuals

“God is always pumping life into life, essence into form. When things begin to die, individuals are sent into the world to bring new life.” [5]

"Recognition must be based upon a deeper experience, recognition of a greater truth, recognition of a New Revelation. This recognition occurs at a deeper level of the mind, beyond the realm of the intellect, beyond the realm of ideas and beliefs and the things that people attach themselves to regarding the Divine Presence and Power in the world. This Power is so formidable, but it functions through the individual. It works from the inside out. This is how God works in the world. People want grandiose demonstrations, but the Presence operates differently. It does not make a great show of itself. It speaks to the inner world of the person and reaches from person to person in this way." [6]

To Certain Ends

“The Creator uses everything for a greater purpose. The Creator does not come in and destroy the wicked and take control of everyone and everything and force a unity that people would resist and could not choose for themselves. Instead, everything is set in motion for redemption, for reunion, for contribution, for empowerment, for forgiveness, for true recognition.” [7]

Through Certain Agents

“Your Spiritual Family beyond the world is supporting your spiritual development by communicating to you through the Mental Environment. The Unseen Ones are supporting your spiritual development by overseeing your participation in the world and by participating with you at the critical turning points of your life. And the Creator is supporting your spiritual development because the Creator has given you Knowledge—a pure, guiding intelligence within you. Beyond the reach of the world and worldly contamination, it remains ever pure and ever complete within you.” [8]

Not According to Human Expectation

“God functions beyond human belief. God is not circumscribed by humanity’s religious traditions. God moves as God moves, not as people think God moves. Even if you can get everyone in the world to agree about a position about God, God is not bound by this. To say that God cannot send a New Message into the world is profoundly arrogant. How can you say what God will do or what God cannot do? How can you make this claim?” [9]


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