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"God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, but they are different from what you do today and what you understand today." [1]

Ears to Hear

"People do not see, they do not hear. They are strangers to themselves. And their native skills of discerning the environment, for many, have been lost and are undeveloped." [2]

Many voices

"What informs individuals’ decisions will make all the difference. What voice they listen to, whether it be the power and the presence of Knowledge that God has given to them to guide them and to protect them, or whether it be the voice of their culture or the voice of fear or the voice of anger or ambition."[2]

"A misunderstanding here could be very damaging and dangerous. For you will hear various voices, but you will not know what to listen to. Without the deeper Knowledge within you that God has placed there to guide you, how can you tell the difference? And if you cannot respond to the Revelation from God, how will you respond to the truth in anything?" [3]

Deeper inclination

"Hear these words, not with your intellect but with your heart. They speak to a greater truth within you—a greater truth beyond concepts, beliefs and ideas. They speak to a natural resonance within you, a natural affinity, a natural inclination, a natural direction that lives within you every moment, beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect. This is a communication to your deeper nature—to amplify it, to call it forth, to set it in contrast to your ideas, your beliefs and your activities as they exist today." [1]

"God did not create your social personality. God did not create your ideas and beliefs. God did not create your decisions, your failures and your regrets. God can only speak to what God created in you, which is something deeper, more pervasive and more natural within you. The New Message is calling to you." [1]

"People want many things. They have great fears. Many people have firm beliefs. But the Higher Authority speaks beyond these things to all who can see and hear and who can respond at a deeper level."[4]

"To understand your deeper premonitions and the urgings of your heart, you must begin to listen. Listen within yourself. Listen to the world without judgment and condemnation. Listen for the signs of what is coming. Listen to how you must respond. Listen to who to be with and who not to be with."[4]

People's need to be heard

"People need to be heard. Even the person ranting at the railway station who seems to be mad and crazy, even they are trying to be heard, and no one will listen to them. They are trying to be heard. And they are trying to be heard because they need recognition—not for who they think they are, not for their ideas, but for who they really are underneath all of that."[5]


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