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"Now you have become a product of your society, a product of the expectations of society and a product of your own personal thinking. But you have lost contact with the deeper thread and meaning of your life. And even if you are successful and achieve your goals, it will be empty, and the joy will be short lived, and they will come at a great price of time, energy and effort. And the rewards will be momentary and fleeting."[1]

"Your great task now is to realize the need for Knowledge in your life—to have the honesty, the clarity and the humility to recognize that you are living a life that is disassociated from your greater purpose, that you are not fully connected with the real thread of truth in your life, that you are living out your ideas and beliefs and assumptions, fulfilling the expectations of others, going through the motions of life. But you are not yet fully alive. You are not really connected inside yourself to the deeper current of your life."[2]

"You have a journey to take and a destiny to fulfill here. That, in essence, is the real meaning of your life. This is what you will reflect upon once you leave this world. This is the deeper thread of truth and meaning."[3]

"The real challenge here is to have faith in Knowledge, to take the steps to Knowledge and to learn what Knowledge is—to experience it, to recall the experiences you have already had of it, to see that it is the constant thread of your life through times that were happy and times that were difficult, through changing circumstances and through changing relationships. Through moments of success and moments of despair, there is this thread of Knowledge—this constant thread, this constant presence, this constant and abiding intelligence that is beneath and beyond your intellect."[4]

"This is the real current of your life, a deeper current that runs beneath the realm of the intellect, like a golden thread that passes through a complex fabric. It is like the copper wire that carries the current even though the wire itself is greatly concealed by all that encases it.”[5]


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