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"God communicates when God wills and is not bound by human ideas or beliefs." [1]

For Humanity

"God wills that humanity become a free and united race in the Greater Community, but to achieve this, you must become united. You must become self-sufficient. And you must become extremely discerning and discreet regarding your relations and interactions with intelligent life in the Universe. You must gain the wisdom and experience to tell friend from foe, and to discern those who would use you for their own purposes." [2]

"The Creator of all life wills that humanity repair a world in decline to preserve human self-sufficiency and thus secure human freedom and independence in this world. The Creator of all life wills that humanity emerge into this Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe as a free and independent race able to sustain itself, able to establish itself, able to learn the Knowledge and wisdom it must gain in order to function within this larger environment." [3]

"Humanity must now unite for the preservation of the world to prevent war and decline and to preserve the world as your home planet, as God wills." [4]

"God wills that humanity have a great future, a future greater than its past. But the prospect of gaining such a future is now in your hands, individually and collectively." [5]

“It is God’s Will for humanity that you restabilize the world, that you find a balance with the world and your use of the world. And it is God’s Will that you emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life as a free and self-determined race.”[6]

“God wills that everyone have stability and security and adequate provision, and beyond this, simple things for the enjoyment of life.”[7]

For You

"God wills for you to awaken to your greater purpose and to receive the great blessing from the Angelic Assembly, the Great Rays."[8]

"God wills that you receive Knowledge so that you may give it to the world." [9]

"God wills that you be happier than you are today, that you be more successful than you are today, that you be more compassionate than you are today, that you be more effective than you are today as an individual." [3]

"God wills for you to join with your Spiritual Family so that you may learn the law and the reality of joining because this is the foundation for true love." [10]

"God wills that your true power and abilities be restored to you and that this restoration happen within your engagement with Knowledge deep within yourself and your engagement with others within the world." [11]

For this lifetime

"God wills that you only reclaim certain relationships while you are here." [12]

For the whole universe

"What God wills for the world God wills for the whole universe because God’s Plan for the world is part of God’s Plan for the whole universe."[13]

What God does not will

"God does not want people to bow down and become slaves, unwillingly, resentfully, with hostility and bitterness." [14]


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