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"Free nations, with very few exceptions, maintain their autonomy and attempt not to become pulled into the complex and compromising nature of trade and commerce in the Greater Community." [1]

"In this part of the Greater Community, there is no ruling world or ruling body. There is no center of government. There is only a center of trade between participating nations. This is a great federation, but its primary purpose is to maintain trade. What goes on outside the jurisdiction of this trade is anybody’s business."[2]

"Within this region, all areas that are connected by main thoroughfares of trade are ruled by codes and councils. This is to provide safety and security and to assure that violence does not erupt and grow into all-out warfare. Disputes occur frequently and are handled either through negotiations or through legal procedures. However, these governing bodies only oversee trade routes, primarily. And they are supported by organizations of states that belong to them for their own mutual benefit and security."[3]

"There is long-range travel and trade, but only on established routes where security has been provided amongst member states, members in the organizations that run and oversee these routes of trade. If you are not part of such an association, you would not have access to these avenues of travel. Any attempt to travel outside of these avenues is considered very risky, for outside the routes of trade, there is the illegal trade, and here there is much danger to one’s security." [4]

"There is no great empire that rules the galaxy. That is a complete fantasy. There are very strong local powers and associations of power, often established through trade unions or governing bodies that oversee trade routes. But immense empires that govern vast regions simply do not work, for there is no way to maintain control over the course of time, and there are too many challenges to disrupt a structure of this size. Yet there are empires that contain dozens of planets, star systems and so forth. This is considered fairly large, particularly in your local environment."[5]


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