Freedom of no choice

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Knowledge "does not deliberate. It has no choice."[1]

“When you have direction, your choices are limited. Indeed, as Knowledge becomes stronger, after awhile there is no choice. That is freedom. Freedom is a state of no-choice. Now you are dealing with what is unequivocal and absolutely vital; you are not dealing with casual choices. Life is vital every moment. If you are entertaining choices, you can be certain you have not arrived at Knowledge in that situation.”[2]

“Once the choices are made plain to you and you can see them as they really are, there is no choice at all. When We say that freedom is no choice, it does not mean that there is no choice. It just means that the choice is so obvious that it is as if there were no choice at all.”[3]

"What is the Greater Community? It is your answer. It is what you have come to attend to. Working in your own specific way, you will play a part in the world’s evolution and will fulfill your mission here and the mission of those who have sent you. This is the great promise that we offer. This is the great promise that is born of the world’s emergence into the Greater Community. And this is the great promise that Knowledge within you must respond to, for in this it has no choice."[4]

"The great tragedy for humanity is that only the very poor are facing reality, for they have no choice. The wealthy are squandering themselves—their resources, their education, their time, their emphasis—on the most foolish and absurd fascinations and interests. It is too late for this now."[5]


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