Freedom in the universe

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"Knowledge must come forth in your life as an individual and must become stronger in the human family. This is the requirement of freedom in the Universe." [1]

"To be free in the universe you must be self-sufficient, you must be united and you must be very discreet. Those are the requirements that every nation, every world, every race must establish in a Greater Community of life. Here you can see the danger and the seduction of humanity receiving technology and resources from beyond the world. What a great attraction that would be! What a great seduction that is! Once you lose your self-sufficiency, everything is lost that you value, for you will not be able to establish the terms of engagement to gain access to those things upon which you have now become dependent. Other nations will determine your behavior and your participation. It is a fact of life." [2]

Finding freedom in the universe

"Freedom is rare in the universe, as it is in your own world. This is the great truth that you will have to face, in contrast perhaps to your expectations, hopes and wishes." [3]

"Free nations in regions of space such as the one in which your world exists remain largely self-sufficient or will only trade to a limited degree with one another. They will seek to be very discreet, for free societies in the Universe do not coexist well with those that are not." [1]


"Beyond this solar system, there are great avenues of trade and many trading nations that have long established their networks of commerce. War and conflict have been suppressed, and freedom is rare within this larger arena of life." [4]

Maintaining freedom in the universe

"Here you would find it to be very difficult to maintain whatever degree of freedom you have established thus far in the world, for free races do not coexist well with races that are not free, with other governments that do not value individual freedom. And there would be great pressure from the outside for you not only to restrict this freedom, but to eliminate it altogether." [4]

“How do free races maintain their autonomy and keep races that are not free from interfering?”
"Ah, this is the challenge! This is the challenge that awaits you if you are able to offset the Intervention that is occurring in the world today.....
"Other nations employ seers who try to see into our worlds, to see what kind of technology we are producing and to see where our power and our weakness reside. We must offset these intrusions in the mental environment with seers of our own, who are guided by Knowledge, who would obstruct this kind of intervention in the mental environment.
This is all a new frontier to you and to human science and to human religion. Power in the mental environment in many ways can be equivalent to power in the physical environment, and the dangers and defenses that must be established here are significant. This is the price of freedom in the universe—constant vigilance, constant care and great responsibility." [5]


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